Building Inner Strength using Custom Hypnosis Downloads

By: Preeti

There are many issues and feelings that aren’t dire enough to need medical or psychiatric attention, but still cause a negative impact on people’s lives everyday. These issues can include everything from boredom, to anger, loneliness, stress or anxiety. Life is always throwing curveballs and it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost control. In the past few years, people have become awakened to the possibilities hypnosis offers as an alternative therapy for these issues. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for activating the subconscious so that the mind is more receptive to positive suggestions. It can help build inner strength through the power of positive subconscious affirmation. In a typical hypnosis session, a trained hypnotherapist will use voice commands to relax their client. They then issue positive suggestions that the client can then take with them into their lives, and other techniques, before using an “emergence” technique to bring them back to full consciousness. The client leaves the hypnotist’s office feeling refreshed, strengthened, and more in control of whatever emotions or issues is causing them anxiety.

The problem is that not everyone lives close to a major city that has hypnotherapists, and even if they do, that hypnotherapist might not be able to deal with the particular issues related to building inner strength that the client might need. Many online hypnosis programs have sprung into existence to fill this hole in the rapidly expanding market for hypnotherapy. These self-hypnosis sessions are offered as mp3 downloads or CDs. They can be used in the comfort of the client’s home, and are offered at a lower price than in-person hypnosis. But many people have not had as much success with these hypnosis downloads as they have with in-person hypnosis. The reason is that everyone experiences different issues related to personal inner strength, whether it be problems with confidence, procrastination, perfectionism, or any other number of issues. Everyone is different. And most hypnosis downloads are too generic to address it.

That’s why custom hypnosis mp3 downloads provides a happy medium: they offer the personalized hypnosis sessions of a real, live hypnotist, while offering the convenience and lower price-point of an in-home self-hypnosis session. The client can choose whether they’d rather hear a male or female voice. They can input their specific issues, whether it’s self-esteem, uncertainty, boredom, frustration, or a number of other topics. The hypnotist will then record the session to only deal with the particular issues experienced by the listener. For this reason, they achieve more results than one-size-fits-all hypnosis downloads by addressing the listener’s particular needs.

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Luke Chao has been practicing hypnosis for over six years. He is a member of the ARCH Canada and is a 5-PATH certified hypnotist. He runs The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis in Toronto, Canada and serves an international clientele through Hypnotizr.

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