Building Huge Muscle Mass: It's All In Your Mindset

By: Sean Nalewanyj

In this world, there are three types of people...

1) The talkers, who say they're going to accomplish big things (like developing huge muscle mass), but don't do it.

All their big talk is just empty words. They spend their lives making excuses for their problems and never actually doing anything about it.

They will simply waste their time dreaming but never taking action. These are the folks who love to resent others and their achievements since they can't achieve anything on their own. Willpower and discipline do not exist in their world. They will always face a life of mediocrity and never accept responsibility for their own shortcomings.

2) The people who say they're going to accomplish something big, like developing huge muscle mass, but quit after sometime. They are all about talking the talk, then trying to walk the walk, but don't follow through. They're not patient. They lack perseverance. They will always fall short and never be on top.

Although they try hard to be successful, they just don't have the tools necessary for success.

3) The people who claim they're going to accomplish something like developing huge muscle mass, form a personal blueprint, and then just go for it.

"Maybe" or "try" are not words they choose to understand.

After all, they know that there are two outcomes: success or failure. They want success, so they will do anything to achieve it.

They already know that they will succeed the moment they make a decision to accomplish something. They don't doubt their ability to succeed, except the time that it will take to get there.

They know that all they need to succeed is within their minds.

They have a strong belief in their talents and know that they can do anything they want.

They don't make excuses.

They take complete control of their destiny, and understand that every person is responsible for their own lives.

They will fight through all setbacks to achieve their goal.

After all, anything good should not come easy, and no one has achieved anything great without a struggle.

They will work as hard as is required to achieve greatness.

In the long run, they always win.

They are prepared to face any setbacks and carry on their struggle.

When challenges occur, they plan on getting past them.

They don't stop and question whether to quit or keep going.

Quitting is not in their minds; they welcome setbacks because it makes the prize even better.

They keep moving ahead.

When the fight is over, there they standing with the winners.

Looking back, they embrace their achievements and feel proud and satisfied.

They gain the respect and envy of others and know that they deserve it.

Which of these types are you?

True bodybuilding success and the development of huge muscle mass are only for category three.

You will have to work harder than ever because developing huge muscle mass is not something easy.

It's only up for the taking if you can dedicate yourself to a goal and work hard to achieve it.

If you are facing doubts about your ability to succeed and persevere, it's up to you to eliminate them

Dissolve your questioning, your fears, and your wondering.

Make firm decisions on what you are going to accomplish, make a plan and thenů quite simply, make it happen.

Only when your decisions contain questions of "when can I reach this goal" rather than "will I reach this goal" will you ever truly succeed in gaining huge muscle mass.

I can't make the decision for you; I can only teach you how to get there. Your choice comes from within, and not a single person in this world can make those choices but you.

Go for it.

When you're ready to run, I'll show you the path to follow.

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