Bug Plague In The Moist Crawl Space

By: Bob McGuire

Contributing to an astounding 900 million dollars per year in structural damages throughout the US alone, Carpenter Ants are every homeowner's nastiest nightmare.

Termites can plague nearly any house in any area but are more likely to reside in more wet condition areas of the country. This is because houses in more high wateriness regions of the country generally experience heightened moisture related problems inside their crawl space or basement areas.

This high moisture can lead to decay and supply a perfect breeding ground for not even wholly Bugs, but as well as other miscellaneous pests and critters and Bug. If you can imagine what your crawl space looks like (I know, scary thought, huh?), which obviously has yet to be conditioned and insulated properly, then you will probably learn that there are protruding pieces of wood lying about and littered throughout the foundation.

Given that you reside in a particularly high wetness environment and your crawl space is not properly insulated to shield against the high wetness then that water vapor can produce wood rot, which is precisely where Bugs prefer to reside and flourish. The number one contributor to crawl space Critter infestation is improper ventilation.

When your crawl space is venting externally, and generally, they are, then wet condition air is permitted to condense and accumulate water in areas above the ground floor. Therefore, which is the most reasonable solution to getting around condensation completely, eliminating water vapor and in the long run reducing the chances of Insects plaguing your crawl space and house? Naturally, there are some very useful tips for marginalizing the probability of termite, infestation. For instance, never store firewood or any types of wood for that purpose across the foundation or crawl spaces.

You want to avoid giving Critters any grounds for infesting in your home and cutting back their food supply definitely helps. Additionally, many homeowners utilize excessive amounts of mulch for landscaping benefits. Please decrease usage as much as possible as termites are principally drawn to it because it provides good insulation and is superbly wet condition retaining. When you have completed all steps above, consider installing a high retardant vapor barrier liner (experts generally recommend using above conventional 4 or 6 mil) and insulating the crawl space floors and walls.

Putting in a sump pump is also extremely helpful if you are already having minimal flooding. There are countless options naturally for insulating your crawl space to protect against termite infestation. Hiring a contractor to do the job or if you are a moderately intelligent do it your selfer, try installing a vapor barrier, or one of the patented systems for finishing the project by yourself.

If you are experiencing moderate to severe Critter infestation as it stands, please confer with your local pest control before employing the above recommendations. It will not do very good if you insulate your crawl space barrier before killing the Termites, now will it?

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