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Ever since I moved to Los Angeles, I seem to be keeping slightly longer hours than usual and getting up later in the day than I used to. Having my own business affords me this luxury as I don’t open shop until about noon. The flip side of this carefree life is that by the time I get up, it is too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. That leaves me right smack on time for a brunch. I often have meetings slated right at the top of my day and working on an empty stomach is not my thing. I would any day prefer a brunch meeting. My search on the internet gradually changed focus from Breakfast Delivery Los Angles to Brunch Delivery Los Angles.

Now there are not many places you can get a brunch that I care to start my day with – you see, I am a little finicky when it comes to food; I like my meals to be healthy and wholesome. I prefer it to be European in nature and organic with nitrate and hormone free ingredients. As it is, we take in too much of harmful substances without having to add more. And in this case, almost every day!

Since the meetings often stretch into the usual lunch hours, I often invite my clients to join me for a brunch meeting. That way, we can get through our business without any interruption and wrap up the meeting and brunch well in time to start the next phase of the day.

I noticed that my clients too appear more relaxed and in no hurry to push things. We talk, bounce ideas, grab a bite, joke, talk, and pick up where we left off. Everyone seems more relaxed and in no particular hurry to wrap up and rush off for lunch. Now this whole concept of a working brunch works very well for me and most of the regular clients pointedly remind me that it is a brunch meeting every time I set up a meeting! So now the late hours are actually proving to be pretty good for business.

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