Broken Teeth? No Problem!

By: Ashley Wesley

Fracturing or breaking a tooth can be a serious problem if not replaced properly and quickly. While it may seem like only a cosmetic issue, oftentimes the entire tooth, including the root and nerve located in the dentin, is affected. If left untreated, the broken tooth can become infected, causing further decay and the potential to fall out. There are different options for fixing broken teeth such as bridges and dentures, and while dentists have performed these for years, problems accompany them, leading to further dental issues and costly repairs. Patients wishing to avoid such hassles choose dental implants -the best option to fix broken or missing teeth.

Unlike dental bridges, which are resin-fabricated fixtures that anchor to adjacent teeth and slowly cause bone deterioration, dental implants replace the entire tooth all the way down to the root. A certified dental implant specialist replaces the tooth root with a titanium rod attached to the dental implant. Since the rod is biogenic, the body begins to strongly bond to the implant and preserves the bone. The patient no longer needs to worry about the tooth becoming infected or decayed; implants are a permanent fixture that also come with a lifetime guarantee.

Dentures (either partial or complete) are another option for patients with broken and missing teeth, used as removable substitutions for the missing teeth. However, these dental fixtures are uncomfortable, cause bacteria to breed in the mouth and tissues, and cause facial bone structure to collapse. Patients often complain of the "sunken" look that accompanies dentures, and the low self-esteem it incurs. Many denture-wearers, along with those who qualify for dentures, are now choosing dental implants over the former alternative. Since dental implant specialists connect the implant to the jawbone, there is no need to worry about bone decay or itís collapse. Dental implant patients often rave that not only do their teeth look and feel natural, but also that their self-esteem is back. Nothing feels better than looking in the mirror to see a great, bright, natural-looking smile; with dental implants, thatís the permanent result.

So, if you have missing or broken teeth, donít settle for a bridge or set of dentures that only cause pain, bone decay, and embarrassment. Choose the best option for missing teeth -dental implants. Theyíre permanent, eliminate bone loss and decay, and boost self-esteem by rebuilding your teeth to their natural state. Donít hesitate; schedule a consultation with a dental implant specialist now!

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