Broaden Your Studies in College with Additional Competencies

By: Jason White

So, you have already picked your area of study, and you have registered in a college. And now you're waiting for your session to begin. Now that you're all set to study business administration, you may also want to explore some more possibilities to enrich your learning experience.

Of course, the course itself offers an exciting way to learn the business basics, theories and concepts, models and case studies in all areas of management, in a comprehensive manner. However, it's also the time when you want to discover new interests that you may not have thought of.

Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills

The world is changing, and it's difficult to keep a pace. It can benefit you to stay current and have diverse skill sets. Although business administration programs are extremely diverse and focus on almost all aspects of business and management, additional understanding of culture and society and linguistic competence broadens your academic command of business theories.

You will develop a wide range of transferrable skills that are increasingly required to handle a variety of situations in a global business environment. Centennial College understands the importance of intercultural communication and negotiation in current business scenario.

This is why it has designed its business admin programs in such a way that requires working in multi-cultural teams. Moreover, the college is considered one of the most culturally diverse educational institutes in Toronto, offering you a perfect platform for deepening your understanding of society and culture and the impact these have on the business world.

Indulge in Extra-Curricular Activities

Participation in extra co-curricular activities and other cultural and social events is a big plus. After all, these help you develop team-work, coordination and organizing skills. Don't underestimate their important in enriching your learning experience. These are the times that create memories to cherish even after you leave the college. They not only help you develop must-have skills but also play a crucial role in your personal development. Centennial understands the importance of informal learning and, therefore takes it seriously. Numerous events take place on college campus. And the best part is that most of these are organized by students. So, don't hesitate in applying your financial know-how to keep a track of budget and a hiring mindset in inviting volunteers for the events.

Choose Unusual Subjects You Have No Experience In

Well, you must be wondering what this could mean. You may feel like dumping the page of mandatory electives that you don't find interesting or have no experience in. You're here to study business administration. Then, why to even care about those? You are more than happy to throw them out of your life forever.

It is not the way you think. These mandatory electives give you valuable skills that you will someday use. Maybe you never knew that you could be interested in it. Maybe you take it as your career. Who knows? There are times when we are unaware of our interests and likings. So, don't consider electives just a useless part of your program. Instead try and develop your interest in it.

College is not only about preparing for employment. It's beyond that. It's about exploring yourself and your interests and liking that you were not aware of.

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Author offers advice for high school graduates who have enrolled in business administration programs on how to enrich their learning experience, by acquiring additional competencies. Areas of focus include the importance of cultural understanding and hands-on experience in enhancing their career scope.

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