Brisket Recipe

By: Smokin

Brisket Recipe

I prefer cooking my beef brisket in a charcoal smoker. If used correctly, the charcoal smoker provides a superior flavor as opposed to gas or electric smokers. Brisket has to be cooked slowly for it to turn out tender.
First, apply a BBQ rub of choice. Go start your charcoal in the smoker and let them ash over about halfway. Then, when you place the brisket on the grill, make sure that the fat side is up. What this does is allows the fat cap to melt down through the meat, keeping it moist and adding great flavor. Now is the time to add your favorite wood to smoke with. My favorite is apple wood. I let the brisket smoke like this for 4 to 5 hours to give it a nice, smokey flavor. Now go grab some heavy-duty aluminum foil or an aluminum pan big enough to hold the brisket. I douse the brisket with some Worcestershire sauce and then pour a couple of beers on it. Beer will add flavor and moisture. Alcohol tenderizes meat, so this will help the texture as well. Now make sure the brisket is covered well and let it cook for for another 5 to 6 hours.
If you have kept your heat around 225-250 degrees this whole time, you should come out with a tender, great-tasting brisket that pulls apart with a fork. The brisket should be noticeably tender after cooking for about 8 hours. I would recommend checking it at this point. If it still seems pretty tough, you need to get your heat to around 300-325 degrees for the remaining two hours.

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