Bringing in the New Political Age Through Online Voting

By: shadie khas

Ever since its evolution, the Internet has played a huge role in our life. Whether it be business, entertainment or social networks the Internet has made our experience better in every way. So far, so good. But what if the Internet could become something even more meaningful and useful?

Yes, Internet has started to play a political role. Whether it is the hacker group Anonymous, Wikileaks or even the American presidential election, they all delineate the growing fusion of Internet and politics. Internet has finally done what we have been, as democracies trying to for centuries – It has made the political debate open for all. Everyone can now easily know what is going on the world, form and raise their opinions and support the issues they think are important. Internet has cut down on all divides and made everyone unanimous.

In fact, things are going on to the next level with the advent of online voting. Various surveys, exit poll debates amongst many other significant discussions are now held online. Online voting is ushering the wave of the future. It is creating a platform on which every political view becomes important. It also takes into account the problems of each and also creates opinions where the right to freedom of expression can be more freely exercised than any other place. A case in point is Arab Spring that it single-handedly helped usher. The opinions of people in any country now demand their voice and refuse to be ignored.

Online surveys and online voting create a platform which not only help you air your opinion freely but, in fact, it also helps unite people and most importantly, sends these opinions across to the people who they need to be reached. They act like a catalyst for ushering in much needed political change.

Online voting has the advantage of being unaffected by censorship and prejudices. It creates the power of the opinion of many and has created debates and support for issues that were earlier abandoned or just partly attended to. It also helps one come to the fore only if they wish to.

Besides, to be a successful medium, what is needed is only the capability to reach millions, it is also needed for them the capability to reach back. Support for not only national but even global and grassroots issues is just as necessary. Every single opinion can create a difference and participating in such initiatives is rewarding both in the form of better administration and more accountability. Knowing that your political opinion is just as important as any other is also a confirmation of your identity and a confirmation that you, as a citizen are very important to the nation.

Online surveys and petition are another way to provide a perspective as to what the nation thinks about issues at hand. They have their own importance and have brought issues to the fore and got the deserving people justice and continue to do so.

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