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A need for new games is present in every gamer on this planet. We all need new titles when we are done playing with the ones that we already have. But purchasing new ones is not an easy task anymore because of the high prices of discs these days. Many people have had to give up their passion simply because they could not afford to make any more new purchases. Well if you are in the same position as these guys, you need to indulge in the game trade in prices. With this practice you can get enough money to make new purchases and carry on your passion of gaming. Your old collection is the key to your indulgence in the new trade.

The discs that you have bought over all these years of playing games can be sold for cash. Obviously they won’t be able to fetch you the cost price, but they will surely help you gather enough funds to make a new collection. All you have to do is trade in games for cash and you can carry on your passion without investing any more from your pocket money or your salary. The process to put your old collection up for sale is really simple. All you have to do is follow a simple guideline which says “all discs should be in working condition”.

To start with the game trade in prices bring your entire collection down to one place. Probably the room where you have your PC is the best because it will be easier to manage the final phase. Look in every corner of your house to be sure that you are not leaving anything behind. Ask your friends to give back the discs they have borrowed from you because now is an excellent time to have the maximum number of discs. After you have completed the collection of your discs, sit down comfortably and one by one, start sorting the discs. Make two stacks, one containing the discs to be put up for sale, and the other containing the damaged ones. The damaged discs are the ones that are cracked, dented, heavily scratched and broken. Unfortunately these discs will have to go with the trash.

Now you are ready to trade in games for cash. Connect to the internet and search in Google for the websites that purchase discs from people like you and me. Create a seller’s account on a website and be sure to enter the correct information because it will be used to complete the transfer of the money. After you have completed the registration, proceed to the section where you are required to make the selling. Now start entering the barcodes of the discs in the given are and once they are confirmed with the database, your invoice will automatically start generating. Follow the same for every disc you own and after you are done with all the discs, click on finish and choose the desired method of payment. The cash will be released in a couple of hours and then you are free to spend it as you like.

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