Brilliant Twelve Travellers Tips

By: Robert Thomson

1: Buy a set of luggage scales.
A good quality set of suitcase scales will allow you to weigh your luggage before to going to the checkin desk. Weighing your luggage will make sure you do not pay excess baggage charges on your outward or return journey. Make sure the luggage scales are packable so that you can take them with you to wear your luggage prior to your return journey.

2: Obtain some wet wipes, a small toothbrush and some toothpaste.
If you have some wet wipes, you will be able to have a quick wash. This always makes you feel good and ready for anything. To save space you can buy a regular toothbrush but cut half of the handle off so that it fits into a smaller space. You can also buy small tubes of toothpaste as the larger ones may exceed airline limits.

3: Always have an Eye-shield and neck Rest.
An blow up neck rest and comfortable eye shield is vital for sleeping comfortably on a long airline trip. The best type of neck rest is one covered in a flock type material, these are usually slightly more expensive but well worth the money. You can often purchase matching high shields that are soft and very comfortable.

4: Check internal flights have the same baggage allowance as international flights.
Often airlines will change the baggage allowance limits for internal flights and you may be forced to pay excess baggage when you change planes. Double check the baggage allowance for your internal flight to ensure you either make arrangements or limit to your long haul baggage weight to fit the internal flight baggage allowance.

5: Always use slip-ons.
Going through the security at an airport can be a nightmare if you have to constantly lace and a lace your shoes or boots. Wearing slip on shoes is ideal as you can easily take them off and put them on again as you go through the security.

6: Wear lots of layers so you can remove or add depended on temperature.
Wearing layers of clothing as opposed to one heavy coat is far more effective as you can make changes very easily to the total warmth factor of your clothing by simply removing one layer or adding a layer back. This is important if you are travelling from cold to hot climates or the other way round. It is also convenient on the aircraft to be able to easily regulate your temperature, as the airline staff will manage travellers sleep patterns by turning up the temperature to make people drowsy after they had eaten. They will then reduce the temperature just before landing so that everybody wakes up.

7: Carry emergency money separate from you purse or wallet.
Always carry some spare money in a separate location from your purse or wallet. There are belts that can be purchased that hold notes very easily in a small zipped compartment not visible from the outside.

8: Copy travel documentation.
Photocopy your travel documents - passport. Keep several copies with you in different places. Leave one at home. Photograph and store in a secure location online.

9: Leave a list of contact points with a responsible person.
Make sure you leave a list of contact points with telephone numbers with a responsible person who knows your itinerary. This can be vital if a disaster or problem strikes in the area, you are located and family or friends wish to make contact with you.

10: Make sure you have good travel insurance and a copy of the policy document.
Adequate travel insurance is beneficial and it is well worthwhile looking in detail at the policy terms and conditions to ensure that they meet your requirements. Often the cheapest travel insurance policy is a false economy, as the slightly more expensive versions will offer significantly greater advantages in the event of a claim. It is important that you carry a copy of the policy document with you in the event of a claim needing to be made in a hospital for instance having a copy of the travel insurance will immediately allay the hospital doubts of your ability to pay.

11: Always drink plenty of fluids.
When travelling on an aircraft the air conditioning will dehydrate you, drinking bottled water is the ideal way to dehydrate. Avoid alcohol, as this will exacerbate the dehydration process.

12: Avoid fizzy drinks. Avoid drinking fizzy drinks when travelling in an aircraft, as the fizz will tend to make you feel bloated and uncomfortable due to the lower air pressure in an aircraft.

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John Travels the world on business and holiday. Using a set of luggage scales have saved me a small fortune in excess baggage charges. Discount Luggage Scale

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