Brief History of Skil Tools

By: James Marshell

Before model 77, Model E introduced the use of a worm drive and a die cast aluminum motor housing in a circular saw. Today Skil is one of the most reliable brands around the globe when it comes to forward thinking power tool development and the company has expanded their portfolio to more than 100 tools since then.


• In 1923, the founder of the company, Edmond Michel invented a motorized machete with a 6 inch saw blade mounted on a wooden frame and ran it with a motor taken from milk mixer. This was the first prototype of electric handsaw.

• In 1924, Skil Tools introduced the industry first portable circular saw in the form of Model E.

• In 1928, the company started using die cast aluminum motor housing in its saws that became a game changer in later years.

• Few years after World War 2, in 1949, Skil introduced a new technology dubbed ‘Varied Torque Clutch’ that mitigated the effects of kickback and saw overloads.

• In 1960, the company introduced its new innovation called three-way action Roto Hammer that helped in improving the efficiency of the power tool.

• Just 4 years later, in 1964, Skil came up with another useful invention of Trigger Speed Control Switch.

• In 1976, Skil introduced the first self contained consumer cordless drill.

• A year later, in 1977, the company made the first chainsaw auto-brake and chainsaw safety handles and vibration insulation were also introduced.

• In 1979, Skil Corporation was acquired by Emerson Electric.

• In 1985, the first in-line battery powered screwdriver was developed by Skil.

• 1987 was a significant year for power tools as the technology took a big leap forward with introduction of the first and most powerful 12 Volt Drill and Driver.

• In 1992, Skil patented the auto track mechanism for belt sanders.

• In 1991 Emerson Electric and Bosch GmbH started a joint venture and In 1996, Bosch GmbH took complete control of Skil.

• In 1997, the company took out another rabbit from the hat with the introduction of first scrolling jigsaw with orbital action.

• As soon as the next millennium started in 2000, Skil showed the first palm sized cordless screwdriver powered by a Lithium Ion battery.

• In 2003, Skil patented a new technology for anti snag lower guard for circular saws.

Today, Skil Tools is one of the biggest names in power tools industry and craftsmen, professional or amateur, love to work with Skil saws. There were times when only big names manufactured the replacement parts like Milwaukee replacement parts and Makita replacement parts but, Skil has joined the ranks with those big names and today you can find Skil replacement parts as well.

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