Breastfeeding as the Best Option when Feeding Your Newborn

By: Harry Shane

One of the happiest moments for any parent is holding their little bundle of joy in their arms. There's no feeling that quite compares to looking at your baby with his innocent face looking like a ray of sunshine all day long. That is, until he starts crying for various reasons. This is why taking care of our little one requires baby-care knowhow and a lot of patience.

Among the many aspects of caring for our newborn, one of the most important is the aspect of feeding. Unlike with adults, adolescents, teenagers, and even toddlers, we can't just feed our baby with anything we see in the fridge or in the cupboards. They also can't enjoy (let alone appreciate) even the gastronomic masterpieces we prepare in our kitchen.

During the first 6 months of a newborn, pediatricians recommend that only breast milk be fed to him. The milk coming from the mother contains the vitamins and minerals that a newborn needs. It also contains antibodies that help in protecting him from a variety of infectious diseases. However, there are situations when a mother cannot breastfeed her baby. The reasons can be anything from her poor health or due to intense discomfort.

If you can't breastfeed your baby directly or you want to save breast milk for his next feeding, you can use breast pumps to, well, pump milk from your breasts. You can then store the milk so you don't have to breastfeed your newborn every time he feels the hunger pangs. Make sure you use hygienically safe breast pumps and feeding bottles, though, like those from award-winning brands like Avent.

In situations where you just can't extract milk from your breasts for any of the reasons mentioned earlier, your next option is to go for infant formulas. You can choose from either powders, liquid concentrates, or ready-to-use baby formulas. Powders are the cheapest option (and are usually just mixed with water), while the ready-to-use types are usually the most expensive but are also the most convenient.

The worries for some mothers who do not breastfeed are that they may not have the time to bond with their baby when they use feeding bottles instead of having their little one on their chest. It's true that breastfeeding is the best way you can strengthen your connection with your newborn, but it sure is not the only way. During those times when there's no other option but to bottle-feed your infant, hold him close and maintain eye and skin-to-skin contact at all times. This way, you can still bond with your baby even when you're not breastfeeding him.

If it's possible, however, always find a way to breastfeed since it's beneficial not just to your baby but to you as well. It can help burn calories and even in shrinking the uterus, which is why nursing mothers who breastfeed usually get back in shape quicker than those who don't.

Breastfeeding your newborn sure has its benefits both for you and your baby. It's still the best option when feeding your little one.

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