Breast enhancement pills advert and its effects

By: Swit Milody

Everywhere you look, be it the internet, television or a magazine, you will find an advert for breast enhancement pills. Most of these ads focus on women's insecurities about how their breasts look, especially after weight loss, child birth or even after removal of breast implants. These ads certainly work because more ad women are looking breasts enhancement pills as the alternative to breasts enhancement surgery
How do they work?

Despite the high number of women using breasts enhancement pills, only a few people know how these pills really work. Hormones play a big role in regulating breasts size and even milk production. The 2 most important hormones with regards to breasts growth are progesterone and estrogen. Due to this, most breast enlargement pills contain either of the two hormones or even both

Herbal based breast enlargement pills are made from ingredients extracted from botanical herbs rich in chemicals with estrogen-like properties called phyto-estrogens. Some pills may have only one herb while others may contain a cocktail of up to 26 different herbs. Phyto estrogens mimic the activities of estrogen and increases breasts size by promoting the growth of breasts tissue.

On the other hand progesterone based pills are made from artificially synthesized progesterone and work by stimulating the pituitary gland in the brain to produce more growth hormones resulting in more fat being formed in the breasts.

Which one should you choose?

Scientific studies have confirmed that both estrogen and progesterone based pill can enhance breasts growth. However, companies marketing progesterone based products have however claimed that permanent breast size increase can only be achieved by increasing the amount of fat stored in the breasts. Despite this claim, many women have experienced positive results from using estrogen based pills which work by stimulating growth of the breasts tissue.

Due to the high amount of conflicting information on breast enlargement pills available on the internet it can be quite confusing when deciding which set of products to use; close to 100 different brads would be competing for your cash.

Apart from their modus operandi, there really is no major difference in the results achieved from using any of the two types of pills. Almost all websites selling the products will advise you to take the pills for 3 to 4 months before you can experience any significant changes. The length of time it takes for breast size to increase varies from one woman to another. This is because different bodies react at different speeds to hormonal stimulation. For some women, it can take up to nine months of continued use before achieving any increase while others experience the same effects within the three months.

Another issue you must consider when deciding which type of breast enlargement pills to use is the side effects. Progesterone based pills are likely to cause weight gain in all parts of the body since the growth hormones produced act on all the tissue unlike phyto-estrogens which only stimulate breast tissue growth. On the other hand, estrogen causes increased fluid retention in the breasts and this can also be hazardous.


The internet has alot of information on the potential effects of these two types of pills. Depending on your body size, among other factors, you can choose either progesterone or estrogen, if you are already struggling with weight problems, then it would be wise to steer clear of progesterone based pills. Choose one whose side effects would least affect your body.

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