Brain training game: A memory that lasts forever

By: Clifton Flack

Just as physical exercise boosts our well being and ensures that we always remain in the best shape, mental exercises have the similar effect on our brain. Brain training games can help us to condition our mind and train it to think in a focused manner. Moreover these games also provide a very good option for utilizing our time constructively.

Computer generated brain training games are becoming increasingly popular and a rough estimate provides that the amount spent by the consumers in the US every year on computer generated games amounts to roughly $80 million and is bound to increase over the years. The simplicity and effectiveness of these games is what is making them highly popular.

Brain training games help an individual to enhance his cognitive and behavioral capabilities. Thus it enables an individual to improve his memory and also become more attentive. Memory has a very big role to play in our day to day activities and a good memory surely helps us to excel at our work. The way our brains process information, stores it in our memory and retrieves it is surely nature's miracle!

The entire process of information processing can be divided into three steps viz encoding, storage and recall. Encoding involves how are brain receives and processes data, storage involves how we permanently record this data while recall is the process by which we retrieve data. The above three steps work in tandem to create a harmony which makes our brain functional and provides us with a good memory.

Till now we talked about the functioning of the brain and how it process data. Delving a little deeper in these details highlights basically three types of memory that we actively use ie working memory, face name memory and spatial memory. The working memory enables us to remember important details like phone numbers etc and can be boosted by working memory brain training games which boost this particular cognitive skills.

The face name memory, on the other hand, helps us in recognizing pictures and associating them with names. Brain games are being utilized to strengthen this aspect of the memory for better customer relationship in retail segments. Brain training software is also useful in enhancing the spatial memory which helps us to navigate from one place to another.

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