Brain teasers: Take up the challenge

By: Clifton Flack

The human mind is perhaps one of the most enigmatic things in the world whose capabilities are not yet fully explored. The sky is the limit for our brain and it can achieve the impossible also. All that it requires is a bit of training and conditioning to perform in a desired manner. Brain teasers are excellent tools which can not only condition our minds but also prove to be very entertaining.

Brain teasers and brain games are modern tools which exercise our brains and help it to expand its limits. The brain teasers provide an entertaining way to exercise the muscles of our brains. They are simple puzzles which encourage us to think out of the box and realize the true potential of our mind. The brain teasers are designed to test our cognitive and logical abilities.

One of the most important capabilities that a brain teaser provides is “Lateral Thinking”. It is term coined by Edward De Bono for finding solution to problems through an indirect and creative approach. It is basically about reasoning that may not be immediately obvious and can be derived only through a step by step approach. Lateral thinking has become the buzzword amongst corporate today and is helping them to expand their boundaries.

A few of the most common brain teasers include logic puzzle and riddles. A logic puzzles derives itself from the mathematical field of deduction and may include some of the world's toughest puzzle which can be solved only by using logic puzzle grid. The most popular example of this is the Zebra puzzle. Surprisingly Lewis Carrol used logic puzzles in his famous book ”Alice In Wonderland”.

A riddle, on the other hand, is a statement having a veiled meaning and can be put forward as a puzzle to be solved. Riddles are basically of two types viz:

Enigmas: These are problems expressed in metaphorical language and require ingenuity in thoughts.

Conundrums: These are questions whose answers are somewhere hidden in the statement itself.

The brain teasers are surely a great way to keep you busy and in the process also utilize your Grey cells. Online mind games like bricks breaking and code breaking are a great way to entertain the kids and ensure that their mind receives just the right conditioning.

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