Brain fitness: See what you believe

By: Clifton Flack

Our brain is perhaps one of the most sophisticated machines that can be ever designed. It is an amazing network of million of neurons which work relentlessly to process information. It is rather unfortunate that we pay so much attention on physical fitness but tend to ignore the importance of brain fitness. The brain games can prove really helpful in strengthening the muscles of our brain.

The brain is the supreme center which relays all the information through our sense organs. In fact it is this powerful machine which helps us to feel the various sensations of touch feel etc. One of the most important sensations that the brain empowers is vision. Our ability to see derives from a very well laid down information network between our eyes and the brain.

One of the most important functions enabled by our brain is the visual perception which involves an exchange of information between the eyes and the brain. However this special power can be hampered and result in a condition known as visual processing disorder which is a reduced ability to properly process information received through the eyes. This condition may result into short attention span, delayed motor perception ability and high level of frustration.

A common problem area related with visual perception disability is known as visual motor integration which is the inability to use visual cues to guide one's movement. The people suffering from this condition are generally referred to as clumsy and tend to bump into things while walking. Poor visual integration can generally interfere with all the aspects of a person's life including social, professional etc.

However, not all hope is lost. The above condition is rectifiable if proper steps are taken. Brain fitness can be achieved by visual perception training which helps to improve the coordination between the brain and the eye. It basically involves three steps viz:

Spatial relation: This is the ability to perceive an object with relation to other objects and helps in maneuvering oneself in a better manner.
Visual discrimination: This is the ability to differentiate between various objects based on specific attributes like size, shape, color etc.

Visual closure: The ability to identify an entire object when the full object cannot be seen.

Brain teasers and brain games can help to improve the hand eye coordination and thus assist in brain fitness. Mind360 offers brain fitness games. The website provides complete information about the company and the online mind games.

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