Brain fitness: Develop a vision

By: Clifton Flack

If heart is the seat of the soul then surely brain is the seat of intelligence. The human brain is a very sophisticated machine which empowers us to think and unveil the real picture. Brain fitness is important to ensure that our brain is always in a top working condition and is able to carry out all its functions properly. The brain teasers and brain games can help you to condition your brain properly and ensure that it performs efficiently.

The human brain plays a multi functional task. One of the most important functions of the human brain is to act as a relay center. It receives the inputs from various sources and processes them with the help of the sense organs. Thus our brain enables us to see, hear and carry out other vital functions. One of the most important capability empowered by the brain is that of visual perception which is the ability to see.

Visual perception is the result of exchange of information between our eyes and the brain which happens in a fraction of seconds. However even a little disruption in the entire arrangement can hamper the system. This results in impairs vision and a condition known as visual perception disability. The problem generally presents itself as an inability to perceive the objects around oneself. The people suffering from this condition generally tend to bump into objects around them and are perceived to be clumsy.

However, the good news is that the condition is perfectly rectifiable. All that is required is to send the right cues to the brain. Proper visual perception basically entails three aspects. The first is the spatial relation which is the ability to perceive an object in relation to other objects thus helping in better navigation. The second aspect is that of visual discrimination which empowers the individual to differentiate the objects based on its size, shape, color etc. Visual closure which is the ability to identify the entire object from a part view is also an important aspect of visual perception.

Brain teasers help in improving the hand eye coordination and thus help in brain fitness. The online mind games are very easy to play and you can even benchmark your score with your friends.

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