Bottle-feeding or Breastfeeding: A Choice of Health and Convenience

By: SWilson

The real essence of being a mother is providing the best nurture and love so that the child will grow accordingly and become someone of worth in the future. Feeding the child is the most crucial task for the nursing mom because what you feed will hone the infant inside out. Deciding for the method to feed your baby should be well-thought of. Consider health benefits for the infant and your convenience when trying to compare breastfeed or bottle feed methods. Professional health experts would advise you to breastfeed yet contemporary work trends and other unavoidable circumstances would tell you to bottle feed. If you are at the verge of deciding, you may want to try out breast feeding first. You can always switch to bottle feeding once you can never adapt to it. However, in the end it will be your baby’s welfare and needs that you should consider before you decide.

Why breastfeed? The advantages of breastfeeding are insurmountable and irrevocable. Breastfeeding is one of the best moments in every mother-child relationship. It is a chance for the mother to intimately care for the child. The bodily contact between them manages transfer of love and warmth. With regards health, there will no longer be a point to compare formula and breast milk because vivid setbacks for formula are dominant like indigestion and unstable mental development. Moreover, breastfeeding’s reward to the mother and the child is invaluable especially in terms of physical, emotional and mental development. Breast sucking is essential in jaw development of the child as it is a harder task for the child to suck from the breast than from the bottle. This becomes a good exercise for the jaw and a good agent for good teeth alignment.

At this point, to compare formula and breast milk is also to talk about the benefits they provide for the mother. Working moms find formula very efficient especially when they return to work. Their absence will be filled in by the bottle. Yet the intimacy will be lost and the infant can suffer certain health problems which formula can bring. Breast feeding can be a weight loss control scheme where the fats gained during pregnancy can be dramatically used up in nursing. Further, for those who want to adopt a family planning method yet could not afford artificial birth control, breast feeding can be a reliable tool for birth spacing. Frequent nursing prevents ovulation and further hinders possibility of the mother to get pregnant.

To breastfeed or bottle feed will not be a question if mothers suffer from certain illness which could be transferred to the child through breastfeeding. The more logical option for this situation is to bottle feed. Hence, the latter could also be opted for in cases when the infant has sucking difficulties. It is easier to suck milk from plastic nipples than from the breast.

Let every mother do away with having second thoughts on breastfeeding. To breastfeed or bottle feed highly depends on the situation and needs that the mother and the infant are faced with.

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