Boosting productivity with online and offline tools

By: Remy LeBeau

Efficiency is simply about finding the right tools

Boosting productivity isnít only about getting things done within the allotted time but also about cutting down the time it takes to complete a task without sacrificing quality. By becoming more efficient in the workplace, we are able to leave work on time and get some quality time for family and personal interests.

- Resist the temptation to go online. The Internet, for all its benefits, can be a major time waster. If youíre not careful, you can spend hours on social-networking sites like Facebook on simply changing personal updates and checking out othersí feeds, loading photos, updating status, and adding applications.

So what to do when youíre trying to get things done? Stay offline. If you need to go online for research and reference purposes, resist the urge to click on sites that may interest you. Go invisible on your chat application and donít feel compelled to say hi when someone you know goes online. Youíre trying to get things done, not initiate a private conversation. If you have to ask questions, go the e-mail route. This way, you can ask direct questions and not have to waste time on small talk.

- Write things down. One of the best ways to boost your memory is to write down what you need to accomplish within a given day. Custom productivity-boosting tools such as calendars, planners, and notepads can help you note what you need to accomplish. The Cyber Doc-U Clip has an adhesive back that sticks to the side of a monitor. You can use it write down what you need to do in a day and stick it somewhere visible so you donít fall away.

- Monitor your online activities. Free and paid programs are available to monitor the time you spend online and curb your habits. Set a schedule and make it a custom to stick to it. Aside from these productivity-boosting tools, get a timer to monitor how long you spend time online.

- Make use of online bookmarks. Online productivity tools such as lets you bookmark your favorite online articles and URLs in an online page, so you can go back to them when you have time to read leisurely.

- If you are stuck, go out and take a walk. Not only is walking good for your health, it also helps bring needed oxygen to your brain and awaken your mind. The 15-minute walk you take may boost your productivity by helping you come up with a solution to a work problem or a good lead for your story. Have custom productivity tools on hand such as notebooks, pens, and notepads, so that when the brilliant idea strikes, you can write it down immediately.

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