Boost Your Workout Routines with Proper Supplementation

By: Peter Roseberg

Trainers place so much emphasis on supplementation as a key to muscle development, and itís difficult to ignore the benefits when you have so many gym buddies flaunting bulky, buffed physiques as results of proper supplementation, workout, and diet. Indeed, you have a wide variety of supplements in the market to choose from. You canít just pick out any of these, though, not without evaluating the formulations and the potential effects on your health. As a general rule of thumb, supplements are only beneficial if taken in the recommended servings, something too many bodybuilders deliberately neglect. Supplements may be categorized into several rough categories, particularly into pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout varieties.

Pre-workout supplements are taken at least a half hour prior to a workout session. The formulations contain stimulants and compounds which feed muscles a stock of energy to spare on the routines. Youíll notice the difference pre-workout supplements make if youíve tried to power through your routines with sheer willpower alone. Your adrenaline stores can only do so much to tide you through a session; you need a chemical boost if you intend to take on heavier loads or increased repetitions. Your body develops immunity against the effects of the servings, though, so make sure your intakes are regulated and timed accordingly. You donít want to develop a dependence on the servings. Itís unhealthy and will lead to complications later on.

Intra-workout supplements tide you through the routines with nutrients and slow-release stimulants. Pre-workout supplements are taken as single-serve concentrates prior to a session, but intra-workout supplements are consumed in small amounts throughout your routines. You need a regulated delivery of nutrients to help your muscles recuperate from the strain of the exercises. The formulations often include a healthy dose of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, enough to maintain the balance within your body. Itís the most undervalued supplement category, but itís an essential part of any workout program and one you just canít do without.

Post-workout supplements help you recover after a stressful, demanding session. Muscle fatigue is at its peak right after your session, and you have to chase it away with tissue-building nutrients like protein and amino acids. Protein supplements usually come in concentrated whey form, but some formulations glean from sources like egg and soy protein as well. Itís important that you consume the full serving immediately after the session so your body instantly receives the nutrients needed to replenish lost reserves. Post-workout supplements are muscle food in concentrated form, and youíll gain the benefits a full meal can provide in less than an hour, before you even leave the gym.

Some supplements are taken as part of a balanced diet, such as multivitamins and minerals. Youíll need the recommended daily dose of these if you want to maintain growth and progress. You can visit Nutritionwarehouse website if youíre looking for varieties to complement your diet and workout program, just make sure your choices are approved and the intake supervised by your doctor or physical trainer. Your health and safety should come first, and youíll defeat the purpose of proper supplementation if youíll double everything, your intake and your efforts, just to achieve your goals in half the time.

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