Boost Your Profits By Choosing The Right Stock Trading Newsletter

By: Reginald T. Hobbss

Many online stock trading newsletters exist on the web. They all try to get your attention and many want your money as well. The newsletter may be promoting investing in regular stocks or playing the stock market online. Some newsletters are free, but others require a fee. You may wonder if it is worth paying for a stock newsletter. The answer is yes.

Free Isn't Always Better For one thing, the newsletters that you don't pay to access are often covered with ads. The ads may be irritating to view, getting in the way of the information you wanted in the first place, or take excessive time to download, bogging down your computer's processing speed. While subscription services may have a few ads here and there, by and large, it's not nearly as much of a problem, because they don't depend on advertising to make their living.

Secondly, you should consider the potential effects of advertising on the content of the newsletter. Free online newsletters have no obligation to journalistic integrity, and may "push" the stock of their advertising clients, even if better options are available. If you notice that the service you're using blurs the line between paid advertising and free advice, consider what it's costing you in terms of the potential profits that you may be missing through missed opportunity - opportunity that could have been yours for a low subscription fee.

Also, stock market brokers generally use the paid online stock trading newsletters as opposed to the free ones. The information that they glean from the fee based newsletter is usually of better quality and caters to the needs of the professional. It is not inconsistent in it's delivery and content like some of the free newsletters.

Luckily, You're Not Just Stuck With One - A great thing about your subscription is that you could change your mind and cancel it at any time. You may decide to try another newsletter that suits your needs better. You may notice that some newsletters focus on the stock trading that you want to do more than the newsletter you currently subscribe to. In that case, it is perfectly logical to switch your subscription.

Nothing obligates you to stay with something that isn't working for you. If one newsletter provides advice better suited to your type of trading than the one you're using, switch. It's just good business - and isn't that the whole point? Also, keep in mind that certain software packages for online trading provide trading advice at no extra cost. If the web trading software client you use is helpful to you, then it may make sense to go with their forecasting service as well.

Don't Limit Yourself - The trick is to find one or more online newsletters - whether free or pay-to-access - that match up with your trading habits. If your focus is cheap "penny stocks", then subscribing to a NASDAQ newsletter, which won't even have your favored investment strategy covered at all, makes no sense - and vice versa. If you're looking to maintain a conservative, diversified portfolio, then you won't need advice on day trading of good short-term buys.

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