Boost Credibility and Sales with Quality Web Images

By: Leva Duell

A web site without images is boring and hard to read. Images add pizzazz to your web site, make a web site more visually appealing, support your web content, provide a visual representation of your product, and break up text and make your web pages easier to read.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." That saying may be ages old but its message is just as vital today as when it was first uttered. Simply put, a single image can often communicate what might take you one thousand words (more or less) to say or write. More importantly, focused, high-quality web images can increase your sales!

How is that possible, you ask? It is really quite simple. Images can speak volumes. They can trigger feelings and emotions. Carefully selected quality images that accurately support your sales copy will help to produce a positive response in your web visitors.

Among other things, your visitors will tend to have greater confidence in you. Quality graphics, like an overall quality web site, can inspire trust in you and your products. A boost in credibility translates into increased sales.

Keep in mind that not just any image will be an improvement. In fact, if your choice of graphic images (photos, clipart, illustrations) is not properly focused and of high quality, then you could actually lose sales. Poor graphics will damage your credibility instead of boosting it. They communicate that you are not professional, your sales message is not to be trusted, and your product’s value will become suspect.

What kind of graphics should you add to your site? Use graphics that represent your products and enhance your sales message. These can include the header at the top of your web pages, a product image (e.g. ebook cover, software box cover) an order button and navigation links.

If you don’t feel you are quite up to the task, or feel that your time is better spent developing and marketing your web site, then it would certainly be beneficial to get help from a professional designer who specializes in web images. However, if you feel confident in your own abilities, here are some tips to design quality images.

• Avoid clipart images you’ve seen all over the web. You want your site to be unique.

• Use the best quality graphics you can find. Sometimes you might have to pay for the kind of image you want, but it will be worth it.

• There are many sites where you can find large selections of quality graphics (clipart, stock photos, and illustrations). Some are free or low cost, while others can be expensive.

• Don't use too many images. They will distract from your message instead of enhance it.

• Keep images and graphics as small as possible. Graphics slow your web pages down considerably. The larger the file size, the longer the images take to download.

• Save your images in the proper format for web sites such as GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

• Keep the resolution of your images at 72 dpi, the maximum resolution a computer monitor can read.

High quality images and a quality web site will be rewarded with a boost in credibility and sales. High quality sells, low quality doesn’t.

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