Boost Business Sales with Email Marketing

By: Chris Robertson

Making business contacts with potential buyers is often a time consuming task, especially if you use direct mail or create ads for local newspapers or online classifieds. One way to save time and money is to promote your business with email marketing. Website marketing through email enables you to contact qualified leads and even your current customers using special email software. With this software, you can send out thousands of emails in just moments, without spending time or money on printing and mailing letters.

Major Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing affords several major benefits to you as a business owner. As mentioned, you can send out thousands of emails in no time using software and never leave your computer desk. With most software programs or bulk email services, you can log in to your account, type in a message to your recipients, and then click a button to send your message to your list.

If you don't have an email list yet but want to get the word out about your products to targeted recipients, there are some affiliate marketing sites and other marketing services that enable you to send your promotional message to their list of emails. With services such as these, they build a list of qualified, opt-in leads in certain markets, and then you can pay to become part of the affiliate team or simply pay to use their list. The company might have a list of hundreds or thousands of prospects that are interested in products or services like yours. The more targeted their leads, the more likely you'll get guaranteed visitors from your offer.

Another benefit of email marketing is its tracking capabilities. You can include specially created links within your email message to track how many visitors (and orders) your page received from your email campaigns. This gives you an idea of how well your sales message pulls response. If you don't get the response rate you were hoping for, you can always tweak your message and test it again. Testing the written sales message, link placement, and headlines or subject line will help you maximize your email marketing results.

Email marketing costs only a fraction of the price typical to other forms of advertising. When compared to television ads, banner advertising, printed ads, etc., email marketing is very inexpensive. You can easily insert sign-up forms on every page of your website to begin accumulating the emails of interested visitors. If using a bulk email service, you will usually only pay per number of emails sent so you won't waste dollars not knowing how many people were reached. You can also buy your own software, but beware of spam laws when doing this. You must be compliant with all laws before sending emails to a group of people, whether large or small in number.

What is Opt-In?

Opt-in means the recipient requested or agreed to receive your emails through some sort of sign-up form. They "opted-in" to your list so to speak, so you have permission to send emails to them. Some email marketing services and software tools will keep records of the opt-in process so you'll be protected in case someone accuses you of spam. Don't ever think it can't happen to you. People sometimes subscribe to receive emails and then forget they subscribed within days or weeks of signing up. When they receive your email, they might think you're sending spam to them even if you're not. All it takes is one accusation to shut your website and operation down for days, weeks, or eternity!

It's a good idea to study the pros and cons of email marketing, and how to avoid spam accusations. To be on the safe side, use the services of a professional email marketing company if you're not sure of the process. It's better to spend a little more on your campaigns than to spend time worrying about possible spam issues.

Whatever avenue you choose for website marketing, seek the advice of a mentor that can help you learn the ropes of email marketing. Success may be just around the corner for your business!

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