Bodybuilding Workout Plan

By: Mel Joelle

Mental Fitness – Commitment

First of all, if you are not committed to building muscle, you just aren’t going to do it. It’s just that simple. You need to look inside and find your reason for bulking up. That is, why are you doing this? Do you want to look attractive to yourself and others? Do you want to improve you health? Save your life? Train for an event? All-star athletes visualize their game plan before they perform. You should do the same to get all-star results.

Nutritional Fitness – Eating Right

Nothing is going to build and maintain your hard body like an all-star nutritional plan. You need to know what to feed those muscles, at what time and how often. It will take some know-how, but getting on the right nutritional regimen is crucial to your success. You must transition your diet into the right balance of carbs, proteins and good fats. You must drink lots of water to flush out waste and restore aching muscles.

Furthermore, you will want to know about supplements. Protein powders, creatine, meal replacement shakes and multivitamins are common supplements. There are many different brands and formulas to choose from; you will want to get some guidance. Finally, hang on to your receipts. Then you can exchange a supplement you don’t like for another one without breaking the bank.

Physical Fitness – Building Muscle

Finally, it’s time to pump that iron. However, you must know what you are doing. If you charge into the gym and rush through a workout pumping as much iron as you can, you can expect several things to happen:

• Injury – You need to properly stretch and warm up or you can hurt yourself.

• Ineffective workout – Without proper form, you can do a lot of work but yield little results. Even the speed at which you do a rep can make a difference between gaining muscle and wasting time.

• Plateaus – If you don’t challenge yourself by mixing up your workout routine, your body can become used to the same old reps. As a result, you stop making progress even if you exercise every day.

It takes some planning and thought to achieve the body of your dreams, but it can be done. To help jumpstart your bodybuilding routine, try a personal trainer. Achieve Personal Fitness have personal trainers that are well-versed in the three parts of starting a bodybuilding program. This will help you get ahead by leaps and bounds, because it will save you a lot time in research. Don’t wait, call Achieve Personal Fitness today!

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