Body Building Back Exercises

By: Mel Joelle

The back muscles are very important to the performance of the body as well as the body’s shape. A strong back is also essential to support the core and help the body stay in balance. Several large and small muscles make up the back and they must all be worked in order to give your back proper width and definition.

Latimus Dorsi

The latimus dorsi is commonly referred to as the lats and is the largest muscle in the body. Their main function is pulling the shoulders down toward your back. Most bodybuilders want their lats to be widened so their body looks larger and more defined. Rows are one of the best exercises to build up the latiumus dorsi. They are usually performed using a v-grip bar. Sitting down, hold the bar with your elbows tucked in, row back to your lower abdominal muscles. Make sure you are moving enough to arch your back, but don’t lean so far back that your balance is off. Make sure to stretch forward as far as you can. A t-bar can also be used for performing rowing exercises to work your latimus dorsi.


The trapezius is a muscle that is found near the top of your back. It is shaped like a diamond and helps the shoulder blades and neck move properly. Barbell shrugs are a great exercise to perform if you want to isolate the trapezius and not work any other muscles at the same time. They are performed by standing with your hands and feet apart and holding a barbell at arms length in front of you with both hands. First droop your shoulders as much as you can, then raise your shoulders as much as possible. You should just have a barbell in your arms to start, but you can also do the same exercise with dumbbells. Some bodybuilders also rotate their shoulders as they move them up and down.


The rhomboids are another important muscle group. Their purpose is to allow the shoulder blades to squeeze together. The same rows that you may perform to build and shape your latimus dorsi are also helpful for strengthening your rhomboids. It is important that you focus on pinching your shoulder blades together as much as you can while performing rowing exercises to work your rhomboids. It is also important to make sure that you are using proper form and keeping your elbows close to your sides at all times.

Building Your Back Muscles

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