Blu Cigs Leading the E Cig Market with Quality

By: Calris Luna

Blu cigs is one of the most renowned e cigarette brands; the brand which hit the US market in 2009 has managed to create quite the waves in the e cig market. The best things about Blu cigs is the quality and the customer service. Blu cigs reviews given by users suggest that the draw that Blu e cigs offer is the best in class. The draw is very smooth and it doesn’t give a throat discomfort to the users. The taste and smell of the vapor is also very good.

Blu cigs has a lot to offer to its users, Blu cigs review suggest that the disposable by Blu cigs and the starter kits, both are customer favorites which means Blu cigs brand is good to be used by both new users as well as seasoned users. When it comes to e cigarette starter kit, Blu cigs offers a few choices to its users but the options that are put forward by Blu cigs are well categorized and designed to cater to a lot many users.

Blu cigs is also a preferred choice because of its innovative products, Blu cigs was one of the first few brands to come out with portable charging case, which is a charging case which not only stores your e cigarette battery and cartridges but can be used to charge batteries. The portable charging case has one slot which is singularly meant for charging, the user needs to charge the pack and later the pack can be used for charging the battery, the concept is more like that of a portable charger, only here you get a storage space as well. Also, the social feature, which was introduced by Blu cigs, through which Blu cigs users get a heads up if there are other Blu cigs users around, got rave e cigarette reviews, the web was flooded with pro Blu cig reviews from users, praising this feature of the Blu portable pack.

Blu cigs reviews highlight another very important aspect that has led to the growth the brand, the simplicity of the products. the Blu cigs products, Blu cigs review by real time users suggest, are easy to use which is great for many new e cig users find it difficult to get familiar with e smoking and if the starter kits have too many unnecessary accessories and if the products have some great specifications but are complex to be used, it is a huge setback for users.

Blu cigs is one of the most popular domestic brand, the brand was acquired by Lorillard in 2012 and since then the makers have increasingly paid attention to making the product even better as the manufacturers say that they do not want Blu cigs to be the best in the domestic market but are eyeing the global market of e cigarette which is quite huge.

Blu electronic cigarette comes in an array of flavors, the nicotine strength too can be varied and the flavors may not be many in number but they are certainly of high quality. Blu cigs has always been famous for its USA made e liquid.

Blu cigs products are priced moderately, people who want to buy from Blu cigs are looking for Blu cigs coupons or Blu cigs discount offers, should go through e cig review websites of the brand’s website, their customers can easily find direct links to payment page where buyers can get hefty discounts on purchase of e cigarette from Blu cigs. While, Blu cigs does have a lot many retail stores around the globe but the fact that smart shoppers, shop online has meant that most of the buyers look for products and discount offers online.

Coupled with the Blu Cigs Coupon offers that are usually offered on ab regular basis, many smoking experts have said that the brand has stuck on a recipe for success. This is because at the regular prices the Blu Cigs e cigarettes are already seen by smokers to be a great cost saving way to get to smoke with the choice of options that many traditional smokers do not get access to. And now with the Blu Cigs Coupon offers that are available, those savings just got better and the benefits that are associated with Blu Cigs are in no way affected. In fact a quick look at the recent Blu E Cig Reviews that have been posted by smokers will reveal that smokers are starting the appreciate the great mix of quality as well as of financial savings that they get from the brand as a winning formula.

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