Blogging has gone through a great change in the past few years

By: lavinderbishnoi

. Free blogging sites are popping up everywhere and finding one that meets your every need is simpler than you may think. The key to utilizing a free blogging service is finding one that Google likes and will index often to increase your exposure.


Probably one of the most simple free blogging sites to set up and use on the Internet is Blogger. The site integrates Goggle Adsense ads quickly and easily and is botted often for higher page ranks. The trouble with Blogger is in the functionality of the site. As a free blogging site, blogger offers every basic need for a beginner blogger, for more details visit to but the abilities to change the look and feel of the blog are minimal at best. Blogger also does not allow the user to add posts for future publication which can leave the blogger logging in every day to deal with updating the blog.

Wordpress Free Blogs

Wordpress free blogging site, on the other hand, offers more than enough control for the beginning blogger to the advanced blogger. Wordpress is offered as a content management system (costs money) and a free blogging site. The free site, while it does not have all of the perks of the for pay software, for more details visit to is a great choice when the blogger wants a bit more control over their blog. Wordpress allows for time stamping of future blog posts and a wealth of free blog skins. The integrated widgets that can be added to your blog round out this free blogging sites package.

Live Journal

One of the oldest free blogging sites is Live Journal. Live Journal is run by the creators of MSN and thus shows well on the MSN search engines. Live Journal approaches blogging from a different angle than many other free blogging sites. The blogs are called spaces and are all a part of a larger community. The ads placed on the “spaces” are not linked to the user and thus the revenue earned stays with MSN.

Finding a free blogging service to meet your needs is only a search away. You will come up with literally hundreds of free blogging sites. If you want a site that is the best for a beginning blogger or one that gives freedom to the seasoned blogger, these free blogging sites are the top of the line.

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