Blogging Threatens The Established Order Of Things

By: Darren McLaughlin

The idea seems like a no-brainer now. Someone decided to make "weblogs" so that people without technical computer knowledge could become prolific content developers with easy to use tools. Of course, there are billions of more people that have no technical ability as opposed to those that do. For this reason, blogging went on to become more popular than anyone might have imagined initially. When bloggers reached a critical mass, they suddenly became the celebrities of the internet arena, gaining interviews with all the best traditional media sources and blossoming into multi-media superstars.

So now that blogs are starmakers, how can the average person break into this competitive arena and be expected to succeed? The main way appears to be persistence. The type of person who gives up easily won't stand a chance. You need to be able to handle rejection and keep on plodding along, despite obstacles you may encounter. Many of the Technorati Top 100 Bloggers have been blogging for many years, and started with small or non-existent readerships, just like you. But they managed to post consistently, and they someone managed to keep the attention of their readers for many years. If you remember your readers, and always consider them first, you stand a far greater chance of general acceptance than if profit serves as your sole motivation.

So what type of characteristics will bode well for a career or sideline business in blogging? Devotion to your subject is undoubtedly a great factor. People who are genuinely engaged in a subject are almost always likely to write better material than "hired guns" who are paid by the word. If you have a deep connection with a subject, you're more likely to research it in detail, and always try to be respectful of its' representation. With some sort of passion you are motivated to get up every morning and put some of yourself into your work. This quality will shine through and your blog will blossom rapidly.

RSS Feeds are currently helping bloggers expand into even more markets. Word of the "New Media" is on everyone's lips. RSS allows millions of users to quickly sort the type of news they're interested in, so the market is well focused and niche. This makes blogs a greater value to the traditional media companies who are attempting to make their way in cyberspace. Traditional media companies are hoping to grab some of the buzz they keep hearing so much about.

If you're already blogging and having success, then 2006 just might be the year you hit it big. But be prepared to cash in fast if you achieve any real popularity, because no one knows just how long your ride will last. Today's cyber-hero can be forgotten within minutes, due to speed of the Internet. Every day you need to come up with exciting new ideas that can be translated into excellent pieces for your blog. You also need to promote yourself in an increasingly complex marketplace. But these few disadvantages aside, now is the best time ever to have your voice heard by a universe of millions. Happy blogging and may nothing but smooth sailing and success be visited upon you.

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