Blogging Has Been Around For Over 10 Years Originally Used For Visitors.

By: Madan Singh

It began as the chance to leave single sentences evolving into websites in their own right.

With its huge growth in popularity many internet marketers have harnessed the power of blogs to build income online. So why are internet marketers so keen to use blogs for their online marketing? Here are the top 5 reasons why.

1. Does not need technical know how? Creating and running a blog is as simple as using a word-process and surfing the net. Because of this internet marketers find it quick and easy to make a blog and market their products services through it.

2. Surfers trust blogs. It has been discovered through market research that the average internet user believes what they read in a blog much more than the marketing put out by big organizations. You can also go to This has to do with the belief that a blog is run by an individual who has not corporate adherence. This is not always the case but the vast majority of blogs are like this.

3. Its free. You can build a blog for free on such sites as Google Blogger and Wordpress. It’s easy to go from zero to profit

4. Blog creates experts. The more you blog on a subject the more your readers come to rely on your information and trust what you say. Quickly you can become an expert in your niche. When this occurs advertisers will seek you out.

5. Blogs quickly tap in to a market. A blog can rise to the stardom very quickly, comparatively speaking, and appear at the top of search engine pages in week’s even days of their launch. This gives their authors direct access in to mass markets very quickly. Here are some things you should try to build your blogs visibility.

Email marketing, a smart blogger uses their daily emails to market their blog through the use of email signatures. These are the short "ads" you can automatically place at the end of all the emails you send. Most email services offer this for free.

Using market research on your blog by running a survey, getting to know what your visitors are looking for will enable you to grow your blog in the right direction.

Run a survey on your blog so you find out what your visitors are looking for. Taylor your content to match their needs. Remember to stay in line with your blogs theme.

List your blog in as many blog networks as you can. A blog network is a directory of blogs where bloggers of like mind can link together and help each other out.

Invite visitors to subscribe to your RSS feeds and ask other bloggers to include your RSS feed on their blogs in return for you doing the same for them. This will get your content and links spread all over the net.

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