Blogging – Things to Remember: Part 2

By: Kenny Gregg

In this article, I will tackle about the other things to be considered in maintaining a blog.
A blog is often a mixture of what is happening on someone else’s life so as happening on the Web. It is a kind of guide site. Actually, there are so many unique types of blogs as there are different kinds of people. Most of the time, blogs differ with the way they are presented online. In relation to this, blogging has become something of a big thing in the marketing industry. Some of the biggest and best known weblogs attract the kind of traffic that every marketer/entrepreneur wants.

Below are some of the important things a marketer should keep in mind while working on his blog site.

6. Be simple and clear

- Always bear in mind that the web is global and there are different people coming from different sides of the world who would be reading your blog. So, you better be guided with the words you are going to use. Make your postings easy to understand

7. Keyword-rich

- As what I have said, there are so many types of blogs. To add up, there are also different purposes on putting up a blog. If your goal is to boost your presence online through the use of your blog, then include related keywords in your blog’s title. To attract interests, you may use the title as a headline. In each item that you will post, make sure that your title is attention catcher but of course, it should still be relevant to your post. Title should no longer than 10-12 words.

8. Proof-reading and spell checking should be done

- You need to gain credibility, right? Then, this simple step shouldn’t be neglected. It will only take a few moments for it to be done and you will be saved from embarrassment. Remember that whatever you broadcast online can be found and archived. So, be careful and think thoroughly before posting.

9. Make sure there’s an available link to your RSS feed

- Subscribers are the lifeblood of any successful blog. They are often the ones providing you with regular comments and are far more likely themselves to be webmasters (means more links). The returns of having subscribers are important because subscribers organically drive long-term traffic.

10. Email version of your RSS feed

- Offering an email version of your RSS feed potentially double your subscribers. By doing this method, you have to make sure that signing up is easy. A study by marketing experts exposed that the easier the steps for signing up for both your RSS feed and your email subscription will multiply your sign ups by over 700%.

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