Block your site such as facebook, myspace? Unblock facebook, unblock myspace very easily.

By: Fatin Nehal

Are you sick of being observe like you are 10 years old? Does your school block access to Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, and other social networking sites? It used to be that when they blocked Myspace you would just start using Facebook or Hi5, but now they are blocking all social networking sites and this is just wrong. This happens at High Schools, Colleges, Universities, office network, and even in public libraries. Now are you in that situation? Is Myspace or facebook blocked for you? - Unblock Myspace, Unblock facebook with

Primarily, you can unblock facebook or unblock myspace with a very simple way around the Myspace block and it will work for Facebook, Hi5, and any other site you want to gain access to. But this method will not work at every school, office network or other place but there is another way if it does not work. The simple method is to use an alternate web browser. How? You see, most schools and libraries will have set up the privacy settings on Internet Explorer and they will not affect other browsers. This means you may be able to log into Myspace, facebook or other site which is block from Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or another Internet Browser. This is very simple method to Unblock myspace or unblock facebook. But you can try it for primarily.

If this doesn’t work for you, at that time there is another way.In this way, you can use a proxy server. These are sites that will make it look like you are browsing on the internet to you, but to your network it will not even come into view that you are on their servers. This is a great way to bypass any blocked site and get access anyway. Of course, this was dreamed up by some computer geek and that is why it works so well. They want to block you from Myspace, Facebook, Hi5 and other websites, then you can fight back with a proxy sever. That means you will able to unblock myspace or unblock facebook or other sites which are block.

These proxies can enable you to go to Facebook or Myspace without disclosing information about yourself, your computer, and your Internet connection. With this, you can easily access Facebook, Myspace, Hi5 or any other site which is block for you and chat, share music, and videos. The proxy servers can also enable you to view these sites profiles, blogs, surf the website for music, and post comments.

When you use proxy servers, the computer lets you hook up with the proxy in lieu of the website you want to visit. Because of this, the filtering firewall or blocking system will be able to locate only the connection.

Proxy servers can enable you to browse through the Web with a high level of confidentiality, anonymity, and security. This is because when you access a website such as Facebook or Myspace using the proxy server, information like your operating system, location, browser type, and IP address is removed and the proxy server website is traced as the computer that has made access instead of you who actually visited the website.

A proxy server is a computer program or application which processes a client request and forwards it to other servers. When you connect to a proxy server, and try to access some information available on another server, it forwards the request on your behalf and acts as the host server. In short, it becomes your face and represents you for access to the website or information. is a site which is act as a proxy server. This site is 100% Facebook and Myspace compatible, and oppose access to websites that contain undesirable material and are vary, and is dedicated to help the youth to access this online social networking in more productive way and urges them to help in protecting children and kids from online sexual predators.

So unblock facebook or unblock myspace is in your hand. You can use any method that I have explained in this article and keep in touch with your favorite sites from any where. Firstly apply the first method that means use different browser. If this method doesn’t work for you then time to go the second method which is used a proxy server. You can find many sites on the web by searching from any search engine but I suggest you strongly to browse for this service. It works better than any browser and I used it for my proxy purpose.

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unblock facebook or unblock myspace is very simple today. Just use the proxy and get the site which you want.

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