Blizzard chief designer of A players ask: do not cancel equipment recast

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Blizzard chief designer of A players ask: do not cancel equipment recast

Blizzard World of Warcraft Lead Systems Designer Greg Street Tweet in many players Reply foreign MMO website extract we are more concerned about issues.

Q:development group has considered the equipment upgrade is too expensive? Almost impossible to put the body of the the BIS equipment liter full. A: You can say, if not every body has the the BIS equipment, this game in better shape ...

Q: Can you think Fight Club Promotion buy G activities will also want to try this because the players do not have time to make money ? A: brush gold (gold farming) is not good, but we can not be intimidated by the presence of gold trading game. If the gold is completely no value, that is not good.

Q: access to equipment is a little too complex: enchant, gem, recasting (systemic come again), and the addition of the upgrade. Gems and enchants like it. A: In fact, we also agree with your point of view. Long, long ago, the players get the equipment falling directly and equipment can be.

Q: Amen. Cancel recast system. In this case they do not look through the website to query how detailed should recast. A: We feel that, in addition to the hit and precise trouble recast system can also.

Q: Since you agree with the system is too cumbersome, so why recently added to upgrade the system? : Wear equipment do not need to upgrade, but still need to enchant, gems and recast. Recast in which is the biggest problem.

Q: Do you consider this idea: regardless of the players most like to participate in what kind of content in the game, as long as the focus on investment, the strength of that role will be able to get the upgrade? A: you can within reasonable limits. For example, the player can not do achievements to enhance the role. Meanwhile, the game may have also support the improvement as a role player like content, but not necessarily the most efficient.

Q: The new role model is the progress? Let me again on the power line only this. In addition to the dwarves and orcs there any progress? A: These models are very excited, but I can not say more, because every word you say is excessive analysis.

Q: To make matters worse, some of the talent rate of 0 is either a great talent design, either design talent bad. A: warrior talent diversity is not bad, there are one or two exceptions, such as the recovery of the wind. The mage talent diversity too low.

Q: For anyone who wants to play high dps violent war, Jiala Long PvE combat only a hammer will consider the use of the Storm. This balance thing? A: The imbalance. We feel that this talent is weak in PvE and PvP.

Q: curiosity would like to ask, why cut talent Blue will return to zero? A: If you cut the talent the price is too low, then the players will feel each time strange to have to cut, especially in the treatment. PvP

Q: 3v3 Arena 2 treatment team to see how? Really? Frost bomb nerf before seen 2600 2 treatment + ice method. A: Overall, for unconventional constitute the team is no opinion, as long as it is not common on the line.

Q: Greg, I think the PvP strength heap high and 1 minute CD jewelry case, you have to the outbreak of the career advantages than to the dot occupation more. A: To improve overall frequency of small outbreak is the outbreak of a wave of tactical nerf.

Q: Please explain the nerf that, please? A: Overall, the response to the damage of the two 20W brief pause, but which is much easier than to deal with once 40W harm.

Q: do not know what you do not understand the arena saying: Feral imba, ice extinct, the treatment is too weak. What is this? A: After mage and warrior, and hunter weakened, wild Germany seems priority attack first on the list.

Q: I really like the Druid can disappear and then Shadow Step to be better than the thieves, and the frequency is more than 6 times. You are really good, really adjust the balance master. A: a skills and other skills can not rise to a career on to another career comparison. From the whole to consider.

Q: Do you think Melee Damage there out of control? Especially wild Germany DK, warrior, especially in the case of treatment debuff is simply not milk them ...... A: wild Germany may be a bit. DK will not. Soldiers have recently been serious nerf.

Q: anti-war stand so I Kandao 35% of the blood, and then he get rid of me (I'm a thief). Really wonderful. Do you think what kind of job I play good? A: The tank design has always been difficult to kill. So we do not push them to the arena.

Q: I want to have a say and a lot of therapy. I believe that these changes should be the raison d'etre, but we did not see. A: tactical, if the treatment always bring everyone together, then in addition to the outbreak of injuries and long-term group control is no other way.

Q: discipline, animal husbandry? Do not worry, they have disappeared from the arena, thanks to you lazy side pot nerf. A: When overall treatment too, the solution is not so certain talent specialization still so powerful treatment. The user interface and plug-ins

Q: Hey, what the user interface prompts can inform the players are in this camp have extra prestige bonus? Answer: no. However, we agree that we should add a.

Q: The problem is not that the plug switch talent, but rather unrelated error (Blizzard, user interface bug caused) so that the user interface can not be used. A: I would like to reiterate once the the talent interface of error because the plug-ins you want to intervene in what we want to protect. We can cancel the protection, but it takes a bit of work.

Q: The problem is not the plug-in will also appear this problem. This situation should be resolved. Global variables error. A: Technically, plug-and macro command does not make much difference. You're actually still trying to intervene in what we want to protect.

Q: Do not a lot of restrictions on Glyph and talent interface. Must be crazy. Every time when you want to cut, I really hate it! A: Conceptually, we do not want to produce the effect of automatically switch the talent or the Glyph. Once each open strange can easily switch Glyph, then the players will feel this is a must do.

Q: crabs, chief systems architect. Many people are completely ignoring the content specifically involved in game design in the "system". A: I've done the work, the balance adjustment is one of a very small part. Just a lot of forum users and Twitter users very concerned about this matter.

Q: What is that most of the work you do? A: The future planning, user interface, in addition to the purely Personnel Management also accounted for the largest head.

Q: user interface, you have to do back-end work, client experience, or something else? A: I design the user interface from the content and objectives of perspective. We also have a full-time graphic designer, as well as engineers to all get together.

Q: Sometimes you feel that the WOW the user interface becomes overly complex? 7 years, I often can not find something in which. A: Well, I have this feeling.

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