Blinds Installation Guide from Blinds Park Ridge

By: Vikram Kuamr

You should not spend money buying blinds then spend more in hiring an installation expert. The good thing with making purchase at Blinds Park Ridge is that they offer an installation manual which you can follow. It is a do-it-yourself thing and nothing should trouble you. This article will simplify that installation process in three key understandable steps. The first major step will be measuring the mount and this will entail taking dimensions of the windows for both inside and outside mounts. The marks should be very clear so that you are not confused when making purchase. The blinds you buy must be conforming to the measurements taken.

Once you have bought the right mounts, the next step will be mounting the brackets and there is a procedure to follow. The bracket door should be opened without affecting the positioning of the brackets. You can open the door using a screwdriver or even your fingers and both options are applicable. Spot the right places to drill the installation holes and mark clearly with a pencil. If itís the inside mount, the brackets will be good when placed against the top corner of the window while outside mounts have the brackets on the outer face and on both sides. You can then proceed to drill the holes as marked and its twin screws for a single bracket.

It is the standard recommendation by Blinds Park Ridge which you have to follow. The screws to use will depend on the type of surface. Concrete, bricks, stones and drywall are very strong and will require strong screws while wooden surfaces are not very strong thus you can use any type. The final part will be installing the valance and head rail. The valance clips will be first to fix well in place because their main role is to ensure the head rail is well attached to the valance. After that, you can have the head rail placed into the brackets and the doors have to remain open. After that, close the bracket doors and a clear noise will be produced as evidence of a successful snapping.

Attach the valance along the rail and the position should be the one you are comfortable with. It has to sit on top of the clip and then press it in a gentle way for the valance and clips to snap together. This step should not be overlooked or rushed because it will have a huge implication on the strength of the blinds. Some blinds have a detached wand and this will e the right time to attach it. This will be as easy as pushing the plastic sleeve of the hook and then insert its end to the hook. Slide it back to have the wand in place.

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Every blind that you buy at Blinds Park Ridge will have an installation manual so you will not have the need to hire an expert. It is good for use in any Drapery Park Ridge installation works thus a very resourceful guide that you can depend on all the time.

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