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By: Andrei Bercia

One of the most essential blackjack strategies out there is flat betting and it’s been mathematically proven to be the finest strategy to approach. Even if there are a lot of betting systems for blackjack, none of them can exceed flat betting over the long-run of playing this game. Your short-term gains and losses will differ, but over the long-run you’ll notice that flat betting delivers the finest gains.
When you’re on a winning line, you won’t gain as much cash as you could have. On the other hand when you’re losing you’ll also be capable to minimize the damage. If you employ other blackjack systems, you can gain more in the winning moments. But when you slip on a losing streak, you’ll lose a lot more than if you were flat betting. The ideal method to demonstrate that flat betting is the best betting system over the long-run is to play let’s say 10,000 hands by flat betting and then play 10,000 hands using a betting system. Over the long-run you’ll notice that the betting system will get beat whereas when you’re flat betting you should have a slight profit.
The key when you’re flat betting is to take advantage of your good hands and win some additional units on those hands. You need to still play the double down hands and the odd time you should split pairs to see if you can’t win twice the money on that hand. This is where you’re going to make your real income when flat betting and, although you likely won’t notice a massive growth in profits at any given time, over the long-run you’ll have noticed a nice shaped bankroll.
Another time that is adequate for using flat betting is when you’re card counting. Card counting is disliked by all casinos and the last thing you want to do is be identified as counting cards at the blackjack table. Many card counters have said that using the flat betting strategy will keep the attention off of you. You should sit at the table and for the first several hands just flat bet your hands and get to be acquainted with the dealer a little bit. It helps when you’re talking with the dealer and other players at the table because it will look a lot less probable that you’re card counting. Once the deck is in your favor you can start raising your bets accordingly, but be certain you don’t jump from a $5 flat bet to a $50 bet. This will appear very strange and might drag the pit boss to your table to observe you. You want to look as least suspicious as you possibly can when you count cards and the best method to achieve that is through flat betting and only performing tiny increases in your bets when the deck is in your favor.
As you can notice there is more than one option for using the flat betting strategy and you should make sure that you test them out. Most new blackjack players should use the flat betting strategy since it’s the easiest and most sustainable. If you’re a card counter or thinking about using card counting on the blackjack tables then you have to use the flat betting strategy in order to keep the attention out of you.
Blackjack game has shown in USA in the 19th century but the origin of it is unclear. Blackjack can be traced in some card games from Europe like ‘Vingt-Un’ (21), ‘Baccara’ and others that are similar to our day’s Blackjack.
Blackjack game was legalized in 1934 and then its popularity strongly increased. It was generally played with one or two decks of cards. Roger Baldwin published a book in 1956 where he explained methods to decrease the house advantage considering probability and statistics. For people that were not mathematics professionals this theory was somehow confusing.
In 1962, Dr. Thorp used an IBM computer to improve the Baldwin’s mathematical strategy and also created the first card counting techniques. In his book called “Beat the Dealer” he outlined card counting techniques and the strategy for reducing the house advantage.
This caused an avalanche of blackjack players at the casinos trying to implement Dr. Thorp’s theories and scaring the casinos. But the understanding of the system was difficult and the implementation even harder. The result was increasing the profits of the casinos as many more people started approaching the blackjack system.
Blackjack is the most popular table card game in the United States today. The term Blackjack originates from the earlier versions. When a player was provided the Jack and Ace of Spades in his initial two card hand, this term was pronounced. The person was declared an automatic winner and was paid a bonus. In today’s version, any ace combined with any ten point value card-10, jack, queen and king leads at a natural blackjack, except after a split.
Blackjack is highly popular across the globe and its popularity increases permanently. At the beginning it looked difficult to play with ‘strategies’ and ‘counting cards’ but now has become the most popular card game in casinos all over the world.
An effective solution to generate instant income can be to play blackjack online. Though, you need to know some betting strategies to succeed. You have to find the correct table, learn some tricks about how to play blackjack, study the rules and, last but not least, you should have luck. Learning is not difficult comparing some other casino games and choosing a valuable online blackjack system is recommended.
Here are some tips that will surely ease your blackjack approach:
-You must get a higher value hand than the dealer’s hand. Still, it has to be smaller than 21. If you exceed a value of 21, you must stop the game.
-You must choose the correct table. There are tables with different blackjack betting restrictions, from very low to very high. All kinds of blackjack tables permit betting from $1 to $5,000. You should select a table where you have high winning probability and that are financially powerful.
-After every player’s bet, the dealer provides 2 cards for each gambler and keeps 2 for himself. The players keep their cards hidden while the dealer shows one of the two cards to the players. Considering the shown card and their 2 cards, the gamblers take their decisions.

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