Birth Injuries: Grounds and Settlement

By: Sheila Byron

Statistics described that a record of 28,000 birth injuries occur in the United States once a year. Birth injuries or birth trauma can occur because of negligence and doctors’ failing to present helpful and sufficient care to a mother who’s preparing to give birth. Birth injuries count as medical malpractice so if your baby underwent birth injuries, you and your family have all the legal right to sue the involved parties.

Grounds for Birth Injuries

There are lots of aspects regarding the reasons for birth injuries. Sometimes the mother doesn't have any influence over it. A birth injury may happen if the mother was troubled by a particular medical disorder. A birth injury will also come about if the doctor is reckless upon handling a child or was lacking with his procedures during childbirth. If for instance he dealt with the equipment needed for childbirth incorrectly or he gave medication under certain circumstances where it can damage the baby, the doctor can be offered a legal case for medical malpractice.

Settlements for Birth Injuries

On the subject of settlements, birth injuries involve massive reimbursements. It can go up to millions of dollars. Why? Because the money offered as settlement is going to work as medical expenses for lifetime care and maintenance for the injured child. In the U.S.A, the biggest settlement given after a successful birth injury case was $120 million. Another case of birth injury included a woman who died in the course of her labor. What's more she was given the wrong medication and it resulted into a baby who was born extremely handicapped. Ultimately, the woman’s family and her child were provided $20 million in settlements.

A birth injury is often an unsettling scenario for a family and a child to take. To at least prevail over this unpleasant circumstance, the family must be given a just and significant settlement through appropriate and thorough counseling and medical maintenance.

Forms of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries resulting from a doctor’s negligence include the following:

1. Facial Paralysis

2. Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

3. Brachial Plexis Injuries

4. Shaken Baby Syndrome

5. Cephalohematoma

6. Cerebral Palsy

Such cases like these are handled by a birth injury lawyer or lawyers focusing on medical malpractice. A birth injury lawyer is different from a slip and fall lawyer because he or she manages medical-related lawsuits. Medical malpractice attorneys contest suits preoccupied with the negligent practices of people in the medical field like dentists, doctors, nurses, therapists to health care providers. A birth injury is one example of medical malpractice, and other forms include surgical errors, misdiagnoses to errors in administering anesthesia.

There are thousands of people who die from medical malpractice and children troubled with birth injury every year in the United States. Never assume all patients and families provide lawsuits against neglectful parties but there is a great deal of medical malpractice claims around today thus states like Arizona have gotten excellent legal teams concentrating on personal injury. If your family has suffered under the implications of birth injury or other sorts of personal injury conditions, you must pay attention to the advice of a skilled birth injury lawyer or personal injury lawyer to get rid of the trauma due to these conditions.

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