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By: Richard Cooper

Glossop Garden Centres online shopping site offers an excellent delivery service. Glossop Garden Centre are stockists of a wide variety of bird supplies from three of the leading bird care specialist’s; Gardman, CJ Wildlife and Tom Chambers.

Some of our most popular and once common garden birds are under threat. By helping you to select the correct bird supplies, bird feeders, bird tables and nesting boxes, we can make a difference to the welfare and protection of wild birds and other wildlife.

Glossop Garden Centres range of bird care supplies includes a huge choice of hi-energy bird seeds: Oil Rich Peanuts, Sunflower Hearts, Nyjer Seed, Dried Mealworms and everything in between. Each variety offers a balanced nutrition, are high in essential oils and energy, helping you to attract birds to your garden all year round as recommend by the RSPB.

Glossop Garden Centres comprehensive range of bird feeders includes; Plastic and Metal peanut and seed feeders, each with different feeding ports. We also stock ornamental lanterns, fat ball feeding stations or acorn bird feeders that are not only practical but also highly decorative.

Garden birds are vulnerable when feeding and need to be protected from nearby predators, so it is advisable to use one of our guardian bird feeders or squirrel guards which baffle’s pesky squirrels without restricting birds. The metal defender bird feeders are long lasting and offer excellent protection from squirrel damage. If however you live in an area where squirrels are not present, we also stock the plastic challenger bird feeders. We also have a supply of specialist Nyjer feeder, which are designed to hold the Nyjer seeds which is a particular favourite of Goldfinches and Siskin’s.

One of the established ways of feeding our beloved friends is to use a bird table. Glossop Garden Centre provides an array of traditional and modern bird tables, from The Dore Hanging Table; which is ideal for smaller gardens or where predators may attack, to The Bird Hut Table, with a distinctive wooden roof; which is perfect for allowing large numbers of birds to feed at one time, also keeping the rain of and are easy to clean. Or to make a real statement in your garden choose one of our Bird Bistro Tables with a slate roof which adds character and quality.

For Robins, the garden bird which is loved by all generations, Glossop Garden Centre stock the Robin Gourmet Blend, Mealworms, Robin seed and a selection of Insect Mixes, which they will find highly appetising. The best bird feeders to use are either the Mealworm Feeder or a Mini-Feeder. To house these delightful birds, Glossop Garden Centre recommends a Pitched Roof Nest Box with a small opening, although they would be equally happy with a Timber Open Nest Box.

For Blue Tits, another favourite garden bird which is becoming worryingly scarce, we supply Oil Rich Peanuts, Seed and Insect Mix and No More Mess Mix; all these bird supplies are high in energy and calories. Glossop Garden Centre has a range of Peanut bird feeders and Mini-feeders to complement the bird food. To house members of the Tit family, Glossop Garden Centre offer a variety of Nest boxes, including the ever popular Brecon Box and Birch Log Nest Box both with the necessary small opening.

The Blackbird, a regular visitor to the garden, is a ground or table feeding bird. So Glossop Garden Centre recommends the Ground Feeding Fruit Blend, Blackbird Fruit Mix, Wild bird Raisins or Berry Suet Treat. If space is limited The Dore Hanging Bird Table is ideal, or choose one of our Wooden Bird Tables which will become a welcome sight for your feathered friends. All our Bird Tables are attractively styled and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. (FSC). A suitable home for Blackbirds is The Protector Open Nest Box, this rugged box which has a large opening and maintains a stable temperature, will provide protection and stability throughout the breeding season.

The Finch family love to eat Sunflower Hearts which are high in essential calories and Nyjer Seed which is favoured by Goldfinch, are both provided by Glossop Garden Centre. We recommend a Metal Seed Feeder with effective perching rings which are especially designed so that birds can feed in their natural feeding position – facing forward. Finches prefer to live in Nest Boxes with a small opening, so choosing the Pitched Roof Nest Box would be the best choice. Although Finches are equally happy living with Sparrows, so you could use a Sparrow Terrace Box.

Our gardens provide important food and shelter not only for wild birds, but also a wide range of mammals and insects: Hedgehogs, Squirrels, Butterflies, Ladybirds and Bees. Glossop Garden Centre are stockists of the Hedgehog Nesting Box which will provide the perfect home for one of Britain’s favourite garden mammals, the tunnel offers excellent protection from predators. CJ Wildlife’s Hedgehog food has all the right nutrition’s for this popular garden mammal.

Butterflies pollinate many flowers and do fabulous job of eating up pesky aphids such as greenfly. To encourage these beneficial insects to feed and breed, Glossop Garden Centre stock a Butterfly and Lacewing House which will provide a year round home and improve their chances of survival.

Another regular visitor to our gardens is the Bee. The Bee is valuable to both man and plants as they are important pollinators of flowers and crops. Our Happy Bee Box or Bee-hive by Tom Chambers are both warm and dry which bees will love to nest in, as long as it’s positioned in a sunny but sheltered area.

To make your garden Ladybird friendly, Glossop Garden Centre recommend Tom Chambers Ladybird Tower, it has drilled holes to give a warm, dry chamber in which Ladybirds will hibernate.

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Glossop Garden Centres online shopping site offers a wide variety of bird supplies from three of the leading bird care specialists so that you can offer your birds the wonderful habitat they need. Visit us and try our bird feeders, bird tables and nesting boxes!

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