Bingo Calls Making the Game More Fun

By: makr hannn

As one of the most fun and wholesome card games, bingo is well-loved by generations of card game enthusiasts. Unlike other card games, what distinguishes bingo from the others is that it usually does not require strategy or skill to play. All one needs is pure luck to win. While the game itself is fun, bingo calls make it more fun by adding some humor and wit to the plain task of calling numbers.
Bingo is a game where a player or participant needs to form a combination or pattern on his or her card. Players can have more than one card in order to increase their chances of winning. A host blindly picks a tile from a container, a small jug usually, and announces the number and letter written on the tile. From here, the players can check their cards and see whether they have the announced number and letter and whether it falls under the pattern or combination that they are supposed to create for that particular round.
Bingo calls, as was mentioned, makes the game more fun. What are these exactly? They function as codes that add spice to the plain task of calling out numbers. This was usually done in bingo halls where the caller or host or announcer needed to say clearly what number and letter was picked. The calls are really simple to understand since they usually describe how a number looks like or the call rhymes with the number. Others, however, are a bit hard to understand and derive meaning from, especially if one does not really frequent bingo halls or casinos. There are some bingo calls that have Biblical or political allusions which some people, particularly those who do not know a thing about history or Christianity, do not know.
Though it has these derivatives, note however that the calls are not meant to be rude or offensive. Rather, they aim to provide some humor in the hall as well as get the audience and players to enjoy playing instead of just getting caught up in the game. The terms shouted out are assigned to particular numbers so that players, even if the hall is just filled with noise, can know which ones are being called and can mark their cards accordingly.
Examples of these bingo calls are Kelly's Eye for number 1, one little duck for 2, and cup of tea or Dixie lee for three. If a caller says “bulls eye”, he or she means 50 and if you hear “stuck in a tree”, don't go outside to check: they're just referring to the number 53. You might be reminded of a disco song when the caller says “staying alive” but you have to understand that he or she is saying that he or she has drawn the number 85.
There are a lot of funny and very interesting terms for numbers. As entertaining as the game already is, having this fun way to announce drawn numbers enhances the fun of playing. If anything, bingo calls make the game more lively. The sad fact, however, is that you won't likely hear these anymore. Since draws in online games are computer generated, the numbers just flash across the screen instead of being announced in such a creative manner. While online bingo may be easier and more convenient to play, it somehow lacks the charm bingo played in halls offer.

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