Bingo - A Shout Of Joy!

By: Robert Thomson

Bingo! Anyone who has ever played this game of chance knows that shout means someone has just won. Most often, winners earn a pot of money drawn from players bets before the game. At other events, though, winners may get a prize or simply the pride of being the first to shout that they have marked all the appropriate boxes on their score card.

In a traditional game of Bingo, each player receives a card with the letters B-I-N-G-O labeling five columns. In each column, there are five boxes with numbers. The person running the game draws a number at random and calls it out. Then, all players mark off the numbers present on their cards. Usually, the first person to complete an entire row is the winner. However, there are dozens of other variations that are now popular. Some other patterns that are often used in Bingo include Xs, four corners, boxes, and even covering the entire card. There are even new kinds of cards with specially marked spaces or larger playing areas.

Most people believe the first true game of Bingo was played in 1934. However, the full history of the game can be traced all the way back to the 16th century. At that time, there was a similar lottery game played in Italy. Over time, the activity spread throughout Europe. In France, the concept of marking numbers off on cards became common. Meanwhile, the Germans used the game as a teaching tool. Then, in the 1930s, traveling carnivals brought modern Bingo to the United States. By the 1940s, the game had spread all across the country.

Today, competitive Bingo is a very popular game. People often play with dozens of cards at a time and fill large halls for massive games. The largest prizes often reach into the thousands at these popular venues. Bingo has also become a great fundraiser for non-profit groups and community organizations like churches and synagogues. It is also used in schools as an educational game. In these instances, the numbers on the card might be replaced with vocabulary words or math problems. Thanks to modern technology, people today can even play Bingo online.

Some people take Bingo so seriously that they have turned it into a mathematical study. They research statistics and probability to find the best chance of winning. With very high pots at stake in some games, these methods can ultimately pay off quite well. However, in the end, Bingo is still a game of chance. In fact, some places consider Bingo to be a form of gambling. This makes it subject to special laws usually reserved for casinos and horse racing.

Ultimately, Bingo has become one of the most popular games in the world. It can be played by people of any age and requires virtually no skill at all. Plus, the thrill of winning makes all the waiting worthwhile, and playing with a group makes Bingo a fun, social activity. All in all, it is one of the most interesting and enjoyable games of chance played today.

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