Bin Range Checker Should Be Used

By: Gen Wright

Merchants who are running a business on the internet should be paying attention, when it comes down to BIN numbers and range checkers. This will be something that will not only save your product from being lost. It will also save you, time and hassle of dealing with the banks and losing your money. Anyone who has been running an online business will tell you that there will come a time, when a criminal will try to scam you. It is no longer a matter of "If" it will happen, but more of "When". Don't wait until it happens to you before you start to think about guarding yourself, it will be too late by that time.

BIN stands for Bank Identification Number; this is just the first six digits on every single card. Using these numbers you will be able to obtain a large amount of information, which can be used to your advantage. When you have details like what kind of card it is or what type of funding this card is using. You will be better prepared to take risk, when you are thinking of closing the deal. Running a search on the internet is a very easy thing to do and anyone should be able to do it.

After you ran your search, you will be able to see a wide range of websites that you will be able to use. Check to see the size of the database that the website is offering this is one case where, "Bigger is better" and you will want to find the biggest database there is. Check to see the range of the cards that are listed on the webpage. There will be free webpages that offer this service free of charge. However, I do not see an advantage of using them since their database is smaller and you end up with searches, which are not found more often.

This is something you want to avoid since the whole point is to make sure the card, which is being used is valid and correct. If you cannot find the information on the card, it will be harder to know if the person using it is trying to scam you or not. The range of cards that can be checked is also something to look at, you will want a website that covers a wide range of cards to check against.

Scams and frauds have been on a steady increase over the years, one sad fact is that until today close to nothing has been done to stop them. Banks that have created the problems are too busy trying to collect the money from merchants, instead of finding these scam artists. Even the law has a very big gray area, when it comes down to charging them with a crime. Safeguard yourself from them and find a decent bin checker to use. Make sure it has a wide range of cards to check from and you are able to find information, about the card that is being used.

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Now you know about the importance of bin ranges. To find out whether it will be useful for your business, try bin range checker.

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