Biker jokes make the best bar jokes

By: Jhoana_Cooper

Biker jokes often make the best bar jokes, especially if told in a bar that bikers frequent as they are the most inclined to laugh at these jokes. People tend to like jokes that are about them, even if they are less than flattering. Most people will not get sore if they are told a joke, especially if it is told in a good natured way.

Bikers actually have a pretty rough reputation but do a lot for charity. There are bike runs for Toys For Tots every year and bikers are usually the first people to step up to the plate when someone in the community needs help. Biker jokes often poke fun of the rough reputation of the bikers but should not be mean spirited. Some of the best bar jokes around are those that involve bikers.

A biker bar is a bar where mostly bikers hang out. Despite what people may think, these are not big brawling bars, but a place where camaraderie is shown. There are actually more fights in other bars than in biker bars, despite what you see in the movies. Bartenders who work in these bars usually know the best bar jokes as well as biker jokes. In a biker bar, they are one in the same.

Anyone can end up making friends in a bar if they know how to tell a good joke. The joke should not be offensive to the patrons and, unless you are a biker, you should not go into a biker bar and tell biker jokes until you get to know the people better, lest they think you are there to harass you. If you go into a bar, it is a good idea to know some bar jokes. Most bartenders know a ton of jokes and are always ready to listen to more so that they can pass them on to other customers.

A bar is a place where people gather, usually with some sort of common interest. A great deal of people, bikers and others, go to a bar so that they can be around other people and not feel lonely by themselves at home. The atmosphere of a bar can be considerably lightened to the point where people feel that they are among friends simply by knowing a few good jokes.

You can find bar jokes and biker jokes right online. This is the best reference for finding all of the best jokes. If you have a difficult time remembering jokes, as many people do, you can write them down so that you can remember them for later and tell them when you go to bars.

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In biker bars, biker jokes are often considered the best bar jokes and you can get plenty of both by going right online.

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