Biggest Internet Games Site Produces New Games to play.

By: Pia Clark best and top awarded online online games website,
which attracts in excess of twelve million unique site visitors each month) today announced the
launch of , more games that includes thousands of free games, including proprietary Gamevance games, and
games from top-tier publishers and third-party programmers. This most recent and
most innovative web games offering from is particularly designed to
provide a advanced online games experience for its customers and exceptional sales revenue
opportunities for specific games designers and publishers -- all while
offering advertisers robust possibilities to target and engage this highly
responsive, exploding demographic.
With 200 million gamers worldwide, online games is one of the
fastest-growing - and most recession-proof - categories on-line, But there are tens of thousands of great games out
there 'all dressed up, with no site to go.' Gamevance’s mission is to
be the first online destination that can successfully marry players,
independent developers, major publishers...and profits."
Taking the hugely thriving - and profitable - Gamevance model a step
further, to provide tens of millions of users with an
almost limitless selection of online games, while at the same time enabling
developers and third parties to easily and efficiently make sales revenue and
profits, all without impacting the positive - and free - gaming experience
of its viewers.
The Benefits/Innovations of
For Users: Gamevances's mix of online games includes custom games , such as Duck Hunting and Spy Racer;
but, also offers developer-uploaded games and
games from top-tier third party publishers, resulting in an practically unlimited
variety of games across every category and skill-set. Some of the top, most innovative and impressive casual games are from
individual builders who need a distribution platform to make them
profitable. By enabling these designers, Gamevance provides end users with
access to a constantly refreshed suite of the latest and most creative
casual games.
For Game Designers and Publishers: Despite the exploding numbers of
high-quality game developers and publishers, the industry has lacked a
platform that ensures not only visibility, but also sales revenue generation.
Gamevance combines the motivation of revenue sharing with an unprecedented
simplicity and cost-efficiency for designers and publishers by providing an
extremely user-friendly, self-serve platform where partners can register and
upload games to play in minutes. These unique, developer-friendly features are
designed to ensure that Gamevance will offer a high volume and diversity of
games to consumers.
For Advertisers: The rapid expansion and engagement of web games viewers
offers marketers a rare and, in spite of the recent recession, gigantic
opportunity. While the online gaming demographic traditionally skews
female, as it further expands, it is rapidly shifting, cutting across the general
population. While Gamevance generally targets online gaming's high-value
female demographic, Gamevance is designed to appeal to the somewhat younger -
and developing - male-skewing web games audience, providing advertisers with
unique opportunities to interact with this new, very desirable and
responsive demographic within casual games.
Recession-proof Vertical
Gamevance is tapping into a vertical that industry specialists agree
is proving counter-cyclical and recession proof - and that is highly
responsive to online advertising. In fact, according to comScore, the
online gaming category grew 27 percent during the past year, to 86 million
visitors by year-end 2008, with the total time spent playing online games
jumping 42 percent - and, while other verticals saw dismal performance,
display promotion views for online games spiked 29% year over year in
November .
US consumers play online games more often than any other type of video
games and they're playing them more than they watch web video or visit
social networking web-sites. Gamevance seeks to supply this
massive audience with a new hub of enjoyment, one that we anticipate
casual game enthusiasts will bookmark and return to as often as Facebook, MySpace or

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About Started in 2001, Gamevance ( is one of the web industry's most rapidly exploding interactive advertising and marketing companies., a premier game site which attracts 12 million monthly unique site visitors and is one of the fastest-growing gaming web sites and Web properties overall. The site enables advertisers to target the fast developing, highly desirable, and responsive casual gaming audience through and through its recently launched internet game website. The company's ResultLinks, a self-serve and in-text display advertisement network, is the fastest-growing in its industry. Joining together conventional and new media expertise with cutting edge technology, Future Ads' mission is to supply marketers with the most resourceful, easiest-to-use, most lucrative sources of Web traffic. Play games at Gamevance.

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