Beware of Cruising Casual Tree Removal Services

By: Matthew M Hughes

If you're looking at getting a tree removal job handled, chances are good that youíre shopping around based in part on price. This isn't a bad thing at all -- you clearly want to get a contractor that isn't going to break your budget. Yet price isnít the only thing that you have to think about, and price can actually backfire on you.

The Cruising Tree Removal Service

Look, everyone has to make a living, and there's nothing wrong with helping other people. You might have seen a few service companies that seem to always be "cruising" one neighborhood or another. They want to make sure that they offer their services to you at a steep discount. Now, if you've been price comparing more established companies, you may assume that it would be ridiculous not to go with the bigger company. The truth is that you need to start looking at what you get with each company.

The Legalities

You always want to go with a service company that's going to carry insurance to cover themselves -- and your project. Can these casual service companies that are going around your neighborhood really be able to cover themselves in the event they make a mistake and the tree ends up crashing through your home? Could they cover their own workers if they ended up getting injured while removing your tree stumps? Even though these issues might sound rare, they can indeed happen.

The Service

You want to go with a company that services your area. Tree removal in New Haven, CT? Absolutely. Tree removal in Hamden, CT? Absolutely. There's no need to pay an extra fee to get services -- even though a lot of "casual" companies try to do this.

You also should be able to call an office and speak to someone about getting an estimate. Most companies cannot give you an estimate sight unseen, which means that they will need to see the scope of your project.

The Follow-up

Follow-up is always a good thing. The right company should make sure that they have taken care of your problem and that you are satisfied. If you can't reach someone after they've taken care of your project, that's not the sign of a mature company that you should work with again and again.

The Road Ahead

Getting honest tree removal doesn't have to be hard. If you honestly want to get the job done properly by true professionals, you need to make sure that youíre working with a service company that's truly licensed, bonded, and insured. Casual service companies are trying to get off the ground, and they may become more established in the months and years to come. But why should you be a "test case" when you deserve better service than that? You always want to go with the company that has not only an established track record of great service, but the tools to take care of your job properly. Make sure that you check out great tree removal in New Haven, while it's on your mind!

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