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Basic ingredients to make your cup of coffee class, apart is, the best coffee beans. Brazil is a world leader, in coffee production and has achieved a mark of it, in the exports of good quality, coffee beans. Coffee beans hold a complex and balanced aroma and a taste that leaves the mouth with a feel, that is, sweet and lingering. A dry spiciness that includes hints of all-spice and cloves is usually, a characteristic of good Brazilian coffee beans. Sao Paulo is the best region, exporting good quality beans, in Brazil. They are primarily famous for producing Arabica beans. Three main types of coffee beans identified world over are, as below:

New Dulsão do, from Brazil.

Indriya, from India.

Rosabaya de, from Colombia.

In today's, fast pace life, generally, the working lot has no time to brew, the coffee and then grind, hence, they opt for espresso capsules, which are coffee capsules only, thus, used to make espresso at home, in any good coffee maker. Each capsule contains 5-6 grams of ground coffee and makes one cup of coffee. They have gained popularity and demand because they have just, the right amount of coffee stored in it, which means you do not need to worry, about the quantity to be used, for making, a lavazza coffe and also, they are good enough, for a single serve. They can be really handy, if you have a gathering to host and these capsules can be really, a life saver for the people, who are new, in the kitchen. Although, they are slightly expensive than the regular loose coffee, you buy, otherwise.

These capsules are also, a great hit, with a Lavazza coffee machine, as you just, have to push one button to make your choice of coffee and it will just, lift up your mood and will leave you, refreshed.

The ideal espresso is available, everywhere, with the help of newly discovered, technical range of coffee machines. Single serve coffee known as K-cups, discs or pods, makes up only 8 percent of total worldwide, coffee sales. It is a common practise that each cup is brewed, individually. They are most popular in Western Europe and the United States. Single-serve coffee makers will brew you, a fresh cup, one at a time, usually, using pre-packed pods or capsules of coffee.

These machines combine a traditional drip system, with a little bit of pressure, for faster brewing process. New ideas and advancements have made the life, now, full of convenience for coffee lovers and is also, a limitation, as in these new machines, you are not free to use, any of the capsules or pods that fits it, thus, it will not bring you, the widest range of coffee styles and coffee origins, all across, the world. They have also, added an extra cost, in the packaging of these new packed capsules and pod's as their packing is unique, keeping in mind, to retain, the freshness and aroma. Up to 25% of the cost is increased, in the recent times.

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