Best Wedding Reception Venue Ideas For All Couples

By: Arturo Cline

Wedding ceremony venues are easy to pick; itís the reception venues that can get you in a tizzy. There are literally hundreds of places to celebrate your nuptials with friends and family and all differ in cost and ambience.

For the budget-conscious, toning down the glam factor is the only way to assure a dreamy reception without going broke. Thankfully, thereís no dearth of options and the rich arenít the only ones who can have all the fun. On the other hand, money makes it possible to up the stakes and presents even more options. Check out these venue ideas for both modest and wealthy couples and see which fits your idea of a dream wedding reception.

For the rich:

Reception on a private island Ė Yes, itíll cost a bomb but can you imagine anything more exclusive than this? If youíre wondering where to find an island there are websites dedicated to helping you with the same.

Private island receptions have the advantage of promising privacy and exclusivity. For the wealthy, the two can decide how successful an event is so this option guarantees just that.

For the modest:

Music festival reception Ė Couples with modest incomes can still enjoy a dreamy reception while controlling expenses. After all, money isnít everything. One idea thatís sure to thrill music lovers is to have the reception at a music festival. The ambience is relaxed, formalities donít rule and you get to enjoy good music. To cut costs even further, look for local music fests that everyone can attend without worrying about pricey tickets and expensive long-distance transportation costs.

For the rich:

Reception in a castle Ė Thereís no other way to have a classic fairytale wedding than in a castle. True, itís expensive but you and the guests will have a perfect evening. Hire a great live band to play old romantic tunes, have guests dress to play the part of nobility and have the wedding decorations mimic those popular during the castleís younger days.

Itís surprisingly easy to find a castle to hold a wedding ceremony or reception. If you have a wedding planner, you donít need to worry about a thing: just say you want a castle celebration.

For the modest:

Reception at a park Ė Combine nature and a wedding and you have the perfect setting for romance. Parks are a popular venue because thereís not much decorating to do and theyíre large enough to accommodate dozens of people. The only limitation is making sure the surroundings are left undisturbed and that you comply with the parkís rules which means children, if any, will need to be controlled while guests wonít be allowed to enter certain areas.

For the rich:

Reception on a private yacht Ė If you have a yacht, great, if not, rent one. Yacht receptions are glamorous and romantic and give you a chance to share the celebration with the open sea. If youíre renting, make sure the interior, dťcor, food and entertainment exceeds expectations.

For the modest:

A cave reception: Adventurous or nature-loving couples can celebrate their nuptials with a cave reception where unique rock striations and formations are all the decorations you need. You donít have to pick a cave thatís world famous as long as itís large enough to accommodate everyone and is safe.

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