Best Ways To Learn Spanish With Your Tutor

By: Joseph Fernandez

Many Spanish companies overseas engage tutors for their employees so that they can learn Spanish for business and work communications. You too can do the same if you just want to learn Spanish. Here are the best ways to learn Spanish with your tutor.

1. Find Out His Or Her Background

But before you can even learn, you need to find out his or her background. You can ask them which Spanish province they grew up in, which school they studied at, where they worked and most importantly, how they communicated with their compatriots from their regions and others.

This is to ensure that the tutor you are engaging is someone who really achieved success in what he or she is going to teach you.

Someone who actually walks the talk and able to teach you not just from theory like books but also from real life experiences like interacting and connecting to Spanish speaking people.

Not just Spaniards but Portuguese, Brazilians and Argentines who also used Spanish as their mother language.

Once you get the tutor who fit those requirements, you can then leverage on their knowledge to develop your Spanish language skills. If your tutor comes from a region that interests you for example Barcelona, you both have a common interest which makes you easier to get along with him or her. At the same time, you can also learn the culture of that region as well.

If your tutor has worked in a similar trade or industry as yours, that will be helpful as well as this implies that you both share the same lingo and understanding that others might not fully comprehend. When that happens, it will not just be another tuition session but a blossoming friendship between you and the tutor.

2. Be On Time

This should be your next priority.

Your tutor's time is precious and the fact that he or she is willing to set aside his or her time means you should show the respect by doing the same.

Nobody likes latecomers. Even if your tuition lessons are at home, you should be on standby 5-10 minutes before your tutor arrives and not take him or her for granted. Because the more time you delay, the more lessons you missed out and that will affect your tutor's impression of you as he or she has to conduct lessons for other students as well.

So as much as you want your tutor to respect your time, please respect your tutor's time as well.

3. Listen And Do What Your Tutor Tells You

Though you are a paying customer, you are a learning student as well.

Since you do not know Spanish or your foundation is not strong enough, you have to acknowledge that your tutor is much more experienced than you even if he or she is younger than you. In fact by now, you should have found out your tutor's background even before paying and accepting him or her.

So whatever you know or think you know about Spanish, it is very important to listen and do what your tutor tells you. Such as doing homework of reading and memorizing certain Spanish words, sentences or phrases, translation or composing an essay or a song. Or even a simple short roleplay of you and your tutor in each other's roles to interact in normal Spanish conversations.

Since your goal is to learn Spanish, you should do the essential things that will enable you to learn Spanish. It really is simple as that.

4. Ask Relevant Questions

If there is anything you do not understand or you face any problems in your homework, you need to ask your tutor relevant questions.

There is no such thing as smart or stupid question but there is such a thing as relevant or irrelevant question. So please ask questions related to what your tutor tells you or the homework you are being told to do.

Since your tutor is more experienced than you, he or she should be able to address your questions or problems rightaway.

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Jose Luiz Fernandez is a director at Pacific Learning Portals Inc that focuses on teaching Spanish and other foreign languages both on-and-offline. Here is more advice to help you learn Spanish easily.

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