Best Spyware Inc offers several different spy software products.

By: Mitch Johnson

Offering a full range of spy software for all types of users the Best Spyware Inc. has released several user friendly products that will help users find the information they need. The corporationís spy software can record emails, chat conversations, web sites visited and more. Employers or other users can find background information on their subject. Each of Best Spywareís software programs is designed to provide strong PC surveillance but with easy to use and understand features.

The company offers five different spy software products including Realtime-Spy, Spy Agent Stealth, Spy Anywhere, NetVizor and Net Detective. All are compatible with most Windows software and Net Detective is also compatible with Linux and Mac software as well. The Realtime-Spy tool is the corporationís first remotely installable PC surveillance software. Users can install the spy software remotely, with no physical contact required, and then monitor the logs of information the program gathers from your own computer online.

At the site where Realtime-Spy users can view the information all logs are protected by passwords and other security so they are only viewed by you. Information logs can be viewed online even if the subjectís computer is not active. This spy software also has a stealth mode which allows you to run it on your subjectís computer silently and undetectable by any user. With this software you can monitor multiple subjects from on remote place.

The SpyAgent software has been an award winning spy tool with a multitude of surveillance and monitoring capabilities. The spy software can log all key typed and web sites visited as well as any internet connections made or windows opened and viewed. Using SpyAgent allows you to record all applications ran, passwords typed, printed documents, instant messages sent and received, emails sent and received and it can snap screenshots of your subjectís activities. This spy software also works as a content filter to regulate web sites visited and programs opened by the computer user. The software is undetectable on most Windows operating systems and users have complimented its easy to use interface.

Spy Anywhere software gives you the capability to control computers remotely from your chosen web browser. Its features include remote keystroke viewing and desktop viewing. You can also remotely monitor the processes run on your subjectís computer, the internet connections they access and files opened. Spy Anywhere also allows you to control any running applications and open windows. You are able to edit registry keys, send messages to the user and launch programs or web sites remotely on their computer.

NetVizor spy software is designed to be a network monitoring and management tool that can log keystrokes, web sites visited, windows opened, programs ran, connections made, passwords entered and chat messages sent and received. Activities done by the subject can be viewed and logged by NetVizor and its administrator.

NetVizor also includes remote file system navigation and management, remote system shutdown/log off control and remote system lockdown control.

The last of Best Spywareís spy software programs is Net Detective which enables you to locate email addresses, phone numbers, family members, adopted children, lost friends and more. With this program you can look into select FBI records and find family history and credit reports as well as a personís online activities. The software has been complimented by an association of independent private investigators because of ease of use and effectiveness. You can use the software to locate people or information about selected subjects and all of the work can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Through all of these spy programs Best Spyware wants to strive for easier spyware surveillance. Several spy software programs are offered by the company so that employers, spouses or corporations can find one that suits their surveillance and monitoring needs.

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