Best Known Herbal Supplements For Rheumatic Disorder And Cervical Spondylosis

By: Alton Patrick

Cervical Spondylosis is a degenerative disorder of neck and back. In this sensation occurs and causes pain and weakness of muscles. It is mostly caused when we do excessive work in front of a computer. Majorly this problem is suffered by people like students, doctor, designers and architect. Reason for this problem can be injury, muscular problem and nerve trapped in vertebrae.

Spondylosis changes in the spine are frequently referred to as osteoarthritis. It can occur in the neck, upper and mid back, or low back. Lumbar spondylosis and cervical spondylosis are the most common form of arthritis. The best herbal supplement for rheumatic disorder and cervical spondylosis is a Rumoxil capsule for all types of inflammation. The other herbal supplement useful in cervical spondylosis is Hakam Churna and it is also essential for pain in joint and back. The other essential herbal remedy for joint pain is yograj guggul. Physical therapy is also useful for chronic back or neck pain for muscle strengthening and stretching.

Exercise can reduce your pain and make you feel less tired. Ice packs reduce swelling and pains. Warm bath can soothe achy joints and relax muscle tension. Herbal remedies and natural relief like turmeric, and the common kitchen spice, are known to be anti-inflammatory and may reduce neck pain caused by inflammation. Yoga is an ancient practice which involves stretching, poses which helps in reducing the pain. Meditation is not only a great exercise but it also relieves stress and neck pain by reducing tension. Massage is good for temporary relief from pain.

Rumoxil capsule is the best herbal supplement for rheumatic disorders, joint pain, and back pain. The herbal ingredients in Rumoxil capsule are roxburghii, smilax china, zingiber officinale, saffron, solanum xanthocarpum, swaran bang, vitex negundo, benzoinum, argyreia speciosa, capparis aphylla, vitis quadrangularis.
Balsamodendron Mukul (guggul) is a valued botanical medicine in Ayurveda. Best herb for arthritis is vitis quadrangularis (hadjod) which restores bone strength safely and effectively. Vanda roxburghii (rasna) is an indigenous medicine in Ayurveda to cure joint pain. The roots of this plant are used in rheumatism and nervous problems. Smilax china (chobchini) has anti-inflammatory effects on acute inflammation.

Rumoxil herbal capsule relieves from joint pain, inflammation and reduce stiffness. Joint repair, rebuilt cartilages, improve motion, slow down the process of degeneration of cartilages, reduce swelling and tenderness, lubrication of joint are some of the important function of Rumoxil capsule.

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