Best Herbal Remedies For Vaginal Discharge Treatment To Improve Female Health

By: Benton Recon

Vaginal discharge is the secretions from the vagina. It is the normal part of a woman's reproductive system. Fluid from glands inside the genital passage and cervix carries away dead cells and bacteria. It keeps the vagina clean and helps to prevent infection. The smell and amount of genital passage discharge can vary from woman to woman. The normal color is clear, milky whitish.

If the color, smell and consistency seem different to normal or women feel itching or burning sensation in the genital passage then treatment is necessary, because it may be the signal of infection or other problem.

Now, herbal remedies for vaginal discharge is very much advanced and Gynecure capsules are the best example of it.

Herbal remedies for vaginal discharge:

Goldenseal: Goldenseal produces in the jungle of the Untied States. It works like astringent that stops white discharge. Take 465 mg extract of goldenseal root once every day. It is available in tea, capsule, or powder form also. It is considered as one of the effective herbal remedies for vaginal discharge.

Fenugreek: As per studies, fenugreek offers to relieve extreme discharge from genital organ by stimulating the uterus and balancing out the hormones. Fenugreek seeds can be applied as a paste to treat abscesses, boils, burns or ulcers as a douche for excessive vaginal discharge. It is recommended to take 20mg taken thrice every day with meals. Women also can consume Gynecure capsules along with this herb.

Dong Quai: It is used to reduce unnecessary white discharge in women. It grows in Japan, Korea and China. This herb is considered as an efficient herbal remedy for vaginal discharge of women. It also balances the female hormones. It cures lots of gynecological problems like menstrual cramps, irregular periods, vaginal infection discharge and infertility. Take the extract of the root of Dong Quai. It is also used in making herbal supplements for caring female reproductive system.

Raspberry leaf: Raspberry leaf is very much efficient in stimulating astringent and tonic properties used to ease too much discharge from female genital passage. The astringent and stimulating properties of raspberry leaf help to strengthen and tone up the uterine and pelvic muscles. Experts also recommend this herb as one of the effective herbal remedies for vaginal discharge.

Use the raspberry leaf in making tea. Consume raspberry leaf is to pour 1 cup boiling water over 1 to 2 tablespoon of the raspberry herb and steep it for 10 to 15 minutes.

White Peony: Roots of white peony contain mild-inflammatory, analgesic and diuretic components which can help to lessen the unnecessary discharge from female genital passage by keeping female hormones balance. Plants of white peonies are tall and the leaves are large and glossy.

The flowers of this plant are used to cure menopausal warning signs, such as hot flashes, menstrual irregularities, as well as excessive vaginal discharge and menstrual bleeding. This herb is extensively used for avoiding miscarriage as well as treating several gynaecological problems.

Overview of the product:

Gynecure capsules: These capsules are too much effective to cure the problem of leucorrhea. Ashok, Lodhra, Supari, Kasani, Menphal, Dharaphal, Tejpat, Pipal, Kesar are the ingredients of these capsules. Take 1 or 2 Gynecure capsules daily with plain water for 3 to 4 months to get optimum result.

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