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By: Mel Joelle

Being able to use the Internet can be like fighting crime. In the process of fighting crime, you need a utility belt like the one used by Batman. Such utility belt would be a browser extension in your case. With a browser like Chrome from Google, adding extensions to Chrome make it the perfect browser out of all the ones available. Chrome has been said to be almost the best browser, with the addition of a few extensions to enhance its functionality, one can be sure such mentality will easily change to believe Chrome to be the best browser.

Here in this article you will be able to see a list of some of the most popular and efficient extensions available for Google Chrome. Some of the extensions are meant to enhance productivity, while others are meant to make the browser more efficient. In any case, adding a few extensions is just like if Google was releasing an updated version of Chrome.


With the addition of Adblock to Chrome, the browser will be able to provide a faster and safer experience to any user. Most websites are full of ads these days, in which case browsing through the website becomes difficult. Other websites have ads that are infected, which in the end infect the visitor’s computers. With the help of Adblock, both problems get taken care of since it does not allow ads to show up at all.

Smooth Gestures

If you happen to be one of the usual touch phone users, then this extension is just for you. With this extension, you can use Chrome easier with the help of gestures you can perform via the mouse and keyboard. In a way they are like shortcuts, allowing you to perform an action much quicker which results in a better browsing experience.

Google Scribe

If typing can be a pain sometimes, then this extension is the answer to such problem. The way Scribe works is by remembering what you have typed before, and then when you are typing something it will guess what your intent is. These days almost every website wants a piece of your personal information, which can be a pain when you have to type your full email address and similar information. With this extension, filling out forms and looking for anything online becomes easier since it already knows your intention.

New Tab Favorites

Having a list of the most common websites you visit every time you open a new tab can be quite useful. Most of the time when you open a new tab you normally have to go into the address bar to type the whole web address. With this extension things become easier since it already shows you a list of the websites you visit the most.

With the addition of these four Chrome extensions, your browsing experience will be more pleasant. They will not only save you time when browsing, but will also help you keep your computer safe from malicious websites.

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