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Nick Thomas – CEO
Diablo III – Blizzard Entertainment – PS3/XBOX
As a former Dungeons and Dragons player, Sci-fi reader, and proud fantasy geek, Diablo III really hits my sweet spot. The visual design is excellent, the sound-track subtle but highly effective, the immersion factor very high. It’s easy to play and doesn’t require the same commitment level as a game like Skyrim, which simply demands more time than I have these days.

Craig Bocks – Executive Director of Video Game Art Services
Beat Sneak Bandit – Simogo - Mobile
There’s something extremely addicting about this simple, straight-forward game and I found it to be the game I was playing most during down time in 2012. The developers have done an excellent job tuning the mechanic and taking advantage of the device controls. The balance of rhythm and puzzle is also super original, with a quirky but fun art style

Michael Bross – Executive Director of Audio Services
Journey – ThatGameCompany - PSN
My pick for 2012 is "Journey" from ThatGameCompany / Sony. It's visually enchanting and is, in a way, meditative to play. It's a beautiful experience.

Matt Bruun – Video Game Studio Director
Shardlands – Breach Entertainment - Mobile
I'm excited about the innovation that's happening in mobile and social games. We're seeing more and more rich, immersive games that not only look and sound great, but that integrate the touch screen in creative ways that really take advantage of the capabilities of the devices. One game in particular that I enjoyed in 2012 was "Shardlands" from Breach Entertainment. It's an interesting mix of adventure and puzzles, is impressive visually, and has a lush ambient soundtrack.

Ben Brown – VP Audio Services Canada
Icy Tower 2 – Free Lunch Design - Mobile
Love the vibe and catchy music! Free lunch design did a great job developing this game- Fun, smooth addictive good times!!! Great to find a game my kids love without the violence :)

Micah Groberman – VP Marketing
Subway Surfers – Kiloo - Mobile
Subway Surfers is my favorite game of 2012, or at least the most addictive game I’ve played all year. Short-session gameplay, colorful artwork, well designed environments, quality audio and the utilization of the endless runner mechanic popularized by ‘Temple Run’ make this game addictive, fun and perfectly suited for mobile gaming.

Ben Gabaldon – Sr. Sound Designer
Fez – Polytron Corp - XBLA
My favorite game of the year is Fez. Waited years for it to even set a release date, and it did not disappoint. Perfectly stylized, from conception to execution. Seriously considering taking the rest of the day off to go play through the whole thing again right now.

Dan Poole – Sr. Sound Designer
Paper Monsters - Mobile
I'm a sucker for adorable games, and this one getting bonus points for also being crazy beautiful. A great platformer in the Little Big Planet mold, you can really see the care and love put into every little bit of this game. Total wow.

Eric Van Amerongen – Sr. Sound Designer
Journey – ThatGameCompany - PSN
It's tuff to pick just one top game for 2012 because there were so many!
The one that really stood out for me is Journey on PSN. The execution of
the art, sound and gameplay come together in such harmonious way it's a
gaming experience unlike any other. Highly recommend for those who haven't played yet.

Adam Gubman - Composer
Dragon’s Dogma – Capcom - PS3/XBOX
I loved Dragon's Dogma. I found the combat mechanics deeper and more challenging than Skyrim, and the gameplay fun and addicting. Voice acting and online integration was slick, making it easy to get help when you needed it. The music is complex and beautiful, and as dark as the gameplay world.

Jeff Troupe – Art Director
Dust: An Elysian Tail –Humble Hearts - XBox Live Arcade
Dust is a unique and visually stunning side scrolling RPG action game. You get to play as Dust, an anthropomorphic ninja rabbit. You learn a variety of moves and attacks to help you fight through surreal Tim Burton-esque environments. It’s fun to play, beautiful to look at, and hard to put down.

Dominic Vegas – Sound Designer
Dishonered – Arkane Studios - PS3/XBOX
‘Dishonored’ is definitely my favorite game of 2012. Great art and lighting, mixed with impressive sound and smooth mechanics made it impossible to put down. Play modes reminiscent of a Metal Gear Solid title, with really cools stories and missions top off this great game.

Mike Raznick - Composer
Journey –That Game Company - PSN
My favorite game in 2012 was Journey. I absolutely love the gorgeous
atmosphere and relaxing gameplay, unique and transparent multiplayer.
Awesome sound and music!

Anita Shim – Sound Designer
Diablo III – Blizzard Entertainment - PS3/XBOX
As an avid fan of Blizzard, Diablo III did not disappointment. The world itself is very colorful to explore, filled with fantastical figures and a lot to discover. I enjoyed the story and the vivid cinematics, which made the experience all the more immersive. The best part is that I can play this game with my friends and it's quite the adventure!

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